Generation gap - Mind the Gap

Generations, despite any day and age, have their set mind and rules which invariably are difficult to mend. We all think of kids to be like soft clay, and by the time they grow up, the society in which they stay largely constitutes their upbringing. The rest is determined by the norms that they all live by. Generation gap is the major reason today why parents and children are moving away from each other.

Conflict Resolution Strategies for Teens

Students who are in the process of learning how to interact positively and respectfully with one another may find themselves embroiled in conflicts more often than they would like. When emotions run high, problems tend to escalate. Teens, especially girls, often pull other friends into the conflict, making the problem bigger.

Suicides in Pakistan is increasing very fast

The ratio of suicides in Pakistan is increasing very fast. Pakistan is an Islamic state and this extreme action is condemned in Islam and declared as ‘Haraam’ (not allowed). If we talk about the Pakistani law about suicides and deliberate-self harm these are punishable acts with jail. Some disheartens take this extreme step due to different reasons but the main and most important reason is poverty.

God save us from the extremists

I remember a bumper sticker that read: "We have the best politicians money can buy!" How appropriate. People who have lived in Pakistan will tell you that politics and political parties are the domain of the privileged class who have not necessarily made their money the hard - and legal - way.

Providing your child the unconditional love

What makes a person to be a good parent? This would definitely the common raised question to a lot of wannabe parents. Though, not all parents are the typical role model to their children, a lot are working hard to be one. The road to good parenting is definitely achievable but it takes of a lot of heart and responsibility to do so.

Teach table mannars to your kids

Every parent wants to instigate their children into the world with the skills they need to be successful. Equipping children with good table manners is a chief lesson that all parents should want to give to their children. Using good table manners allows the hub to be placed on the talk not on the act of eating. Having good table manners gives people the self-belief to participate in any dining situation with no difficulty.

Rahat Fateh Ali gets passport; may return home tonight

NEW DELHI: Famous Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has received his passport from Indian authorities and he is expected to embark on a return journey to Pakistan tonight, Geo News reported Saturday.

According to an Indian TV channel, earlier today Rahat was charged with currency violations on after he and his entourage were allegedly caught with $124,000 in undeclared cash at New Delhi's airport.

Rahat to pay Rs1.5m fine

NEW DEHLI: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and his manager Maroof Ali have been fined Indian Rs 1.5 million each under customs act of India for carrying undeclared foreign currency.

The singer may return to Lahore on Sunday.

Khan and his manager Ali were caught at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on February 13 for carrying an undeclared sum of $142,000 in cash and cheques when they were about to board a flight to Lahore.

Rahat charged under FEMA, Customs Act in India

NEW DELHi: The popular Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and his manager Maroof have been indicted in India under FEMA and Customs Act of India and taken into custody on Saturday.

Rahat was questioned by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence officials (DRI) for allegedly carrying USD 1.24 lakh (about Rs 60 lakh) of undeclared foreign currency under the FEMA and Customs Act of India.

Rahat to stay in India until Feb 24

ISLAMABAD: The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in India on Friday again questioned Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. 

He was produced in DRI, where the officials questioned the singer, his manager Maroof Ali, and event manager Chitresh Srivastava, A private news channel reported. According to the television, Rahat Fateh Ali was directed to appear before DRI daily. 

Ash to play Sanjay’s wife in Satte Pe Satta

MUMBAI: The rumour has it that Sanjay Dutt wants to have Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the lead opposite him in Satte Pe Satta remake.

If all goes well, Aishwarya Rai will play Sanjay's wife in the film. "We don't know how the rumour started that Vidya Balan had been signed to play Sanju's wife in Satte Pe Satta. Nobody even approached her. Dutt is extremely keen that we sign Aishwarya to play the female lead opposite him.

'Number Four' aims for first place at box office

LOS ANGELES: "I Am Number Four," a teen sci-fi adventure starring young English hunk-of-the-moment Alex Pettyfer, is likely to open in the No. 1 spot at the North American box office this Presidents Day holiday weekend.

Box-office observers say the film could do in the low-$20 million range for the four-day period.

Shahrukh, Salman at loggerheads

MUMBAI: Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan haven't been on talking terms since Katrina's birthday party in 2008 and it seems the fight will not end. 

Imran Khan's wedding bash is indeed a testimony to this fact.

It is, indeed, very interesting to note that no actor has sounded apologetic about his behaviour and are firm on their stance of not talking to each other.

Ali Zafar finds Katrina extremely cooperative and hardworking

Ali Zafar entered Bollywood with the small budget, quirky " Tere Bin Laden", but singer-actor Ali Zafar will be seen next with Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan in a typical romantic comedy. He will also focus on his first love - music. "The film is a romantic comedy, a very family kind of set-up.

Anupam wants his absence to be felt

Having done 400 films in a span of nearly 30 years, veteran actor Anupam Kher is staying away from the big screen. He says it is sometimes important to stay away from the cameras and lights to make one’s presence felt. “People ask me these days why I am not so prominently visible on screen.

Jackson estate earns $310 million in revenue

Michael Jackson's estate has generated $310 million in revenue from album sales, a film, merchandising and other products since the "Thriller" singer died in 2009, according to court papers filed on Thursday. His estate's administrators have used $159 million to pay down the pop star's debt, which when Jackson died amounted to more than $400 million, court records show.

Give a complete new look to your place

Decorating a place and giving it your own personal touch converts a house into a home. It is always nice to save some money and end up buying something really nice for your home and here we are with ideas for your Home Décor. It does not matter whether you are thinking about decorating your new house or re-doing your old place.

Renovate your home for spring season

As the signs of spring make their first appearances in nature, it’s time to wake up your home design, as well. From finding fresh new ways to use the home decor you already have to finding fashionable new window treatments and other home accessories, here are some tips to help you bring in Spring with style!

Recipe - Chicken Brochettes

2 lbs of chicken breast
2 crushed garlic cloves
1 tbsp. of fresh, grated ginger
1 medium, minced onion
2 tbsp of lemon juice 3 tbsp of ground cumin
3 tbsp of garam masala

Raymond Davis and Role of our Media

I have been reading all reports appeared in different Newspapers and watching almost all discussion on our channels just after the shot dead two people by Raymond Davis in Lahore. On very first moments Geo TV showed eye witness who was saying ” there were two persons and both having pistols chased the Gora (English Man) and they wanted to stop and rob him but Gora did not waste a second and he fired at people in front of his car and when both felt down,

Umeox unveils solar-powered Android phone

You may not have heard of Chinese mobile phone maker Umeox Mobile, but odds are you’ve come across one of their handsets at one time or another without realizing it, as its phones are generally re-branded and sold by operators around the world. The company's latest offering announced this week at Mobile World Congress 2011 is due to hit stores later this year.
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