Wateen to make payment easy through easypaisa

Wateen now gives you the flexibility to pay your Wateen bills through easypaisa bill payment facility. Wateen and Telenor Easypaisa customers can enjoy the convenience of paying their bills anytime, anywhere from their easypaisa mobile account or by visiting any easypaisa shop, Telenor Franchise, Telenor S&SC or any branch of Tameer Bank.

Pakistani go abroad for better career

Define why Pakistani people go abroad is the basic Question and most of the Pakistani youth like  to go abroad for better future , corruption, terrorism, attractive salary, or corrupt politicians ,role of media or any other reason behind it for Pakistani people to go to abroad. May be Pakistani people go to abroad for the attractive image, and it just as brain drain.

95% Pakistani youth favored women education

Pakistani youth are serious about their religion, but do not want to impose it on other people, a new study conducted by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) has revealed. The latest issue of ‘Conflict and Peace Studies’,

Stress can be one cause of Weight Gain

The answer, quite simply to this question is "yes". Stress can undoubtedly make you fat. Admittedly, not everyone who is stressed gets fat, but being under stress increases the potential to get fat. In this article, the reasons will be explained, but it is up to you to find ways around them.

Dining out can be a relaxing

First of all, dieting is not something you should consider as a temporary situation. Your diet should consist of sensible servings of nutrient dense foods that sustain your body and satisfy your appetite. If you want to lose weight and keep that weight off, you have to choose a diet that you can live with.

Special Ops Watches worn by Special Forces worldwide

Tokyoflash, known for advanced (read "way-out") watch designs, recently asked its followers to submit and vote on new designs – and the first batch has gone into production. Kisai Satellite, the first watch of the collection is available with black or white bands and the choice of a blue or green led light display.
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