Wateen Telephony

The convergence of communication is not only impacting the way we communicate and collaborate, it is essentially forcing us to re-think the way we interact with each other. Wateen Telephony brings you the ability to communicate and connect via voice with your friends, family, clients and business partners seamlessly and cost-efficiently.
Based on our cutting-edge, best in class and one of the few 4G of networks in the world, our next generation telephony products and services are designed to enhance your telephony-lifestyle.
While we continue to bring the most innovative and leading telephony products and services to your doorstep, we vow to achieve the true telephony convergence that the world is yet to witness.

Wateen Broadband Internet

Wateen is revolutionizing the Internet in Pakistan by introducing the true standards of Broadband Internet. Wateen offers a technologically advanced service that allows residential customers’ affordable, high speed and always-on access to True Broadband Internet. Our goal is to provide customers with the most reliable, best performing Broadband Internet access. Wateen Broadband Internet will be available through latest WiMAX and DSL technologies.

Wateen WiMAX 

Tired of waiting for your dial-up Internet to download? “Wateen Home” Broadband Internet is the answer for you. No busy phone lines, no more waiting and no problems. Our 'always-on' high-speed “Wireless” connection gives you the ability to access your favorite websites faster, and lets you experience the web at its maximum potential.

Recharge & Win a Trip to Ferrari World

Haven’t recharged your Wateen Internet and Telephony account since 31st August 2010? Reconnect today and you’re a winner as all your previous dues have been waived off and you also get one month line-rent absolutely FREE!

What’s more, by reconnecting, you also qualify for a lucky draw in which you win an exciting all expense paid* trip of a lifetime to the world’s largest indoor theme park and the fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi*.

* Conditions Apply. Ferrari World Lucky Draw applicable for Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad subscribers only.

Online Yellow Pages on www.wateen.net

Wateen brings First Mobile Phone Yellow Pages directory for its Customers. Now Customers can search their required place/contact number through their mobile and internet.

Online Yellow Pages
City Xplorer is more or less the same as online yellow pages, where no Internet connection is required. Online yellow pages are essentially an Internet version of the portion of a phone book known as directory. Besides being able to tailor each search to the user's specific needs, CX cuts down on paper usage;

Wateen Launches DigiPay

Wateen Telecom announced the launch of ‘DigiPay’, an innovation in customer convenience and bill payments. With DigiPay, customers now have the options to buy electronic PINs for Wateen bill payments through a number of different mediums. Launching this service in collaboration with epay, Wateen is enabling its valued customers to pay their Wateen bills through new innovative mechanisms such as ATMs, Credit/Debit Cards, POS, SMS, Internet, Phone, etc.

DigiPay PhoneWateen customers can now call Bank Alfalah customer helpline @ 111-225-111. Wateen PINs are available around the clock at your convenience. This is valid for Bank Alfalah credit cards holders only. Wateen PINs can also be availed against reward points redemption.
Wateen customers who are UBL Omni account holders can now avail PINs through their mobile phones. For details on how to avail UBL Omni services, visit UBL Omni’s website or call UBL @ 111-825-777.

Is Wi-Fi killing trees? Dutch study says yes

As if our magnificent trees didn’t have enough problems, they’re now being threatened by our emails. When they’re not being assailed by some foreign bug or moth, there’s often a council official looking for an excuse to cut them down. Now researchers say radiation from Wi-Fi networks that enable our burgeoning online communications may be their latest enemy. Research in Holland showed that trees that were planted in close proximity to a wireless router suffered from damaged bark and dying leaves.

Switched On: Acer’s Iconic Keyboard

When Acer announced a slate of new devices at a New York press conference last week, the overarching message was simple -- keyboards are as done as a Thanksgiving turkey. The company introduced an array of tablets, most of which were running Android, with sizes ranging from five- to ten-inches each. That's almost as broad a lineup as Archos,
which has dipped down to what most would consider digital audio player turf with a three-inch tablet (tablette?) and a precursor to what is sure to be a merciless barrage of tablets on the slate for CES.

'4G’ Internet arrives in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: The latest generation of wireless Internet that will allow people to watch a crystal clear movie or live sporting event on the street or atop a hill is being deployed throughout Hong Kong. The Long Term Evolution (LTE) network will give super high speeds across the city and could mean the end of computers ever needing to be plugged into a wall for a connection to the net.

‘Blast Badge’ to detect shockwave exposure

Blast-induced traumatic brain injury from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) is the "signature wound" of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the damage to the brain often not immediately obvious and no objective information of relative blast exposure, soldiers may not receive appropriate medical care and are at risk of being returned to the battlefield too soon. To overcome this inadequacy, researchers have developed a color-changing patch that could be worn on soldiers’

Biofuel Airbus A320 completes test flight

With the aviation industry recently announcing self-imposed CO2 reduction targets, the search is on for more environmental friendly fuels for use in passenger aircraft. A number of aircraft manufacturers and airlines have been looking at alternative fuels, such as GTL and biofuel and now Brazil’s largest airline, TAM Airlines, working together with Airbus, has successfully conducted the first Jatropha-based biofuel flight in Latin America.
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