Wateen Telephony

The convergence of communication is not only impacting the way we communicate and collaborate, it is essentially forcing us to re-think the way we interact with each other. Wateen Telephony brings you the ability to communicate and connect via voice with your friends, family, clients and business partners seamlessly and cost-efficiently.
Based on our cutting-edge, best in class and one of the few 4G of networks in the world, our next generation telephony products and services are designed to enhance your telephony-lifestyle.
While we continue to bring the most innovative and leading telephony products and services to your doorstep, we vow to achieve the true telephony convergence that the world is yet to witness.

Home Users

Over its state-of-the-art network, high tech network using both wired and wireless platforms, Wateen provides telephony services that meet and exceed the communication needs for both home and business users. Our innovative packaging & highly competitive rates enable you to make local, nationwide and international calls at the most affordable rates, while experiencing the clarity and reliability that you desire.
Did you know…..…
  • With Wateen, you can save up to 30% on your existing telephone bill? Imagine saving Rs. 300 from your Rs. 1,000 bill every month! A saving of Rs. 3,600 per annum!
  • Wateen offers high quality, digital voice at the cheapest rates
  • With Wateen you can stay in touch with friends and family in The UK, USA & Canada for just 50 Paisas.
  • Your Wateen connection has a pre-activated telephone line with it. All you need to do is connect any normal telephone set with your Wateen CPE  and enjoy digital quality with the cheapest rates!!!

Business users

Do you.....
  • Require high quality, reliable, yet cost effective telephony solutions?
  • Have unmet communication needs arising from an expanding business?
  • Find yourself tailoring your needs to your service provider’s solutions?
  • Agree that a service provider needs to do more than just send you your monthly bills?
  • Feel that you can do more for your business?
Backed by the latest IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), Wateen offers broad based telephony solutions ranging from a simple Direct Exchange Line to Managed Services. We provide you carefree, cost effective and reliable telephony services carefully engineered using the cutting edge, innovative SIP technology and state of the art network. Wateen transfers to its customer the ultimate cost benefits achieved by leveraging it’s country wide coverage, LDI operations and optic fiber long haul,. On top of a wide solution base, Wateen Telecom offers attractive tariffs that are tailored to your calling patterns.
Wateen Enterprise Telephony Solution comprises of an ever-evolving service portfolio.
Wateen offers:
  • Fixed Line & Trunking Solutions - POTS, PRI & SIP trunk connectivity
  • Universal Access Number (UAN) Services
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) Services
  • Direct Outward Dial services
To subscribe simply call our Customer Service Center at 111-365-111 or e-mail us at enterprisesales@wateen.com and our Enterprise Sales Representative will contact you for further assistance


Monthly Tariff

*Conditions apply All prices are exclusive of taxes.
*Rates based on 30 sec billing & 15 sec billing.


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