Battle of gorgeous gowns at Academy Awards

Black Swan stars Nataile Portman and Mila Kunis lead the parade of glamorous stars on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. The pregnant star, who went on to win best actress, put her bump on show in an off-the-shoulder purple gown by Rodarte. Of course the 29-year-old is no stranger to the designer, who was responsible for the costumes in Black Swan. She admitted that she is is looking forward to putting her feet up after the awards season is over.

Cannes Film Festival will held in May

A documentary on Indian cinema will be showcased at the Cannes International Film Festival in May as part of its celebration of international movies, says megastar Amitabh Bachchan who features in the narrative. “There is a delegation of makers coming over to speak and react and churn ideas and content for a documentary on Indian Cinema, which they profess the Cannes Film Festival (wishes to exhibit in this years celebration of International cinema (sic),” Amitabh posted on his blog Wednesday night. The Cannes film fest will be held May 11-22.

Bargaining with a child is a bad option

Dealing with strong-willed children can sometimes be difficult. A defiant child has ideas of its own and hardly ever yields in to authority. Rebellion, stubbornness and the desire to step over authority will interfere with the child's upbringing.
The parents of such children may sometimes feel pressured to start bargaining with the child, in order to get some obedience. Bargaining, however, is related to serious long-term problems. Once a parent utilizes this option, there will be no going back.

Movie Review - Beastly

Part Twilight, part Beauty and the Beast, Beastly is a teen starring hot new British actor Alex Pettyfer and High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens. An arrogant, wealthy and extremely handsome young man is forced to pay for his sins when he’s transformed into a monster in this hokey teen morality play.  The film wants to be dark and sexy, underground and hip. It tries hard, but there’s no substance to hang onto - no meat.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000 getting Gingerbread

Samsung Galaxy S users in the states must be green with envy now – according to some reports online, somebody at Samsung Germany stated that the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 (the version of the Galaxy S that’s been sold everywhere except the states, currently on Android 2.2) will be receiving the Gingerbread update this month (March).

Root of musical pleasure are deep

We all know that certain pieces of music can evoke strong emotional responses in people. Now, a research team from Canada's McGill University has uncovered evidence that reveals exactly what causes such feelings of euphoria and ecstasy and why music is so important in human society. Using a combination of brain scanning technologies, the study has shown that the same neurotransmitter which is associated with feeling pleasure from sex and food is released in the brain when listening to good music.

Golden eagle carrying lamb for its meal

A giant golden eagle carries off a helpless lamb on the Isle of Mull, near Scotland's West Coast. This is believed to be the first photograph of one of the giant birds of prey snatching livestock from farmers' flocks, reports the media. It was taken by a birdwatcher, who did not want to be named or reveal the precise location, near Ben More, for fear the eagles' nests would be targeted by angry hill farmers.

Do you give your expensive car to your girlfriend?

Some men have long held that women are deficient in many skills and driving is one of them. Women are bad in driving. Its reasons can be many; so it is often advised never to give your car to your girlfriend. You can be in a fix if you hand over your expensive car for driving to your girlfriend.
Followings are some pictures related to woman driving.  

Mallika Sherawat uncomfortable to wear a bikini for Dhamaal 2

Mallika decided to go back on her agreement to wear a bikini for Dhamaal 2. Despite signing on the dotted line, Sherawat threw a hissy fit after donning the two-piece swimwear and told the director Indra Kumar that she wanted a body double. Her exact words to him were, "You can take the visuals of my body above my waist, but nothing below my waist. Arrange for a body double. Merge the two shots, mine upper and the body double's lower, or show it separately. Do whatever you want but no visuals of my lower body."

Movie Review - Hall Pass

The Farrellys ruled the roost some years ago, reinventing the R-rated comedy and making a pile of cash in the process.  Me, Myself and Irene, Shallow Hal and Stuck on You mesmerised audiences who’d never seen such comedy fare on the big screen – redolent with bodily functions, sex of every imaginable kind, frontal nudity and youthful envelope pushing.

Lung Cancer Patients have stopped smoking Before Diagnosis

Recent research shows that longtime smokers often present a similar symptom before their cancer is diagnosed: They spontaneously quit smoking with little effort. Researchers speculate that sudden cessation may be a symptom of lung cancer.
Most patients who quit did so before noticing any symptoms of cancer, according to the study, which was published in the March issue of the Journal of Thoracic Oncology (JTO), the official monthly journal of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC).

Having honest communication is the key

Open, honest, and loving communication is key for making any relationship work.  But why is it that so many people lack these skills in a relationship only to have the relationship fall apart?
I have a dear friend who has been in a relationship for about a year and it recently ended.  Neither party expressed from their heart what was going on for them or how to solve the situation. Now both people are very sad without their partner and do not know how to bring the relationship back together.

Using tens of thousands of screws

This artist could be accused of having a screw loose after spending the last two years drilling screws in attempt to nail the perfect portrait. DIY Da Vinci Andrew Myers creates unique portraits of his friends and family by drilling everyday screws into planks of wood. The 31-year-old artist spends over six months and uses up to ten thousand screws to create just one of his three-dimensional portraits.

80′s Retro phone case for trendy people

If you’re one who tends to be the life of the party and love playing practical jokes on others, might we recommend you sneak in your iPhone 4 into the 80′s Retro Phone Case? For just £12.99, you will definitely attract the attention of everyone at the next social event not because you have the fabled white iPhone 4, but because your handset hails back to the 1980s.

Two breakfast favorites in one device

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and for me a few rounds of toast and a spot of rousing music on the radio is the perfect way to start off the day. UK kitchen appliance manufacturer Breville has taken those two kitchen favorites and merged them into one device – the Radio Toaster.
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