Golden eagle carrying lamb for its meal

A giant golden eagle carries off a helpless lamb on the Isle of Mull, near Scotland's West Coast. This is believed to be the first photograph of one of the giant birds of prey snatching livestock from farmers' flocks, reports the media. It was taken by a birdwatcher, who did not want to be named or reveal the precise location, near Ben More, for fear the eagles' nests would be targeted by angry hill farmers.
There are only 30 breeding pairs north of the Border and special protection areas were designated last year following outcry over the discovery of some poisoned carcasses.
"There were a few other cars parked close by and some eagles circling, possibly by an eyrie," said the birdwatcher.
"Suddenly this massive eagle swooped into view. We could see it was carrying something beneath it and my wife, who had binoculars, thought it was a white mountain hare.
"As it got closer, I said to her, 'That's no hare, it's a lamb'. It was a very unusual sight and a bit sad for the lamb, but that's nature. It's certainly a sight that neither of us will forget."
Source: orange
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