Wateen ZTE IX380 (Wateen New Device) Launched

Wateen has launched a new device “ZTE IX380". Which is available for new customers only this is a great device it has wifi embedded in it. It has lot more functions for more detail consider below points.


· ZTE IX380 is WiMAX device with 2 LAN and 2 Telephone ports.
· WIFI is embedded in it.
· ZTE has two detachable antennas on it.
· ZTE IP series are different from other CPEs. Gateway will be and IPs will be starting from to and subnet will be

How To Secure Wateen ZTE Wi-Fi Connection

Please follow the below troubleshooting steps to enable the Wi-Fi of your device:.

Please find the button with the name of WLAN on the backside of the device
Please turn it on to enable the Wi-Fi.
Please open the page and enter the username and password as "user, user",
Now click on WLAN and then on security.
Here click on WEP
Please select 13 digits alphanumeric Key and click on apply.

Please leave your comments below to let all know what do you want wateen to do to make its service better:
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