Wireless TDK WR700 headphones: Review

I hate wires and untangling my headphones cord frustrates me to despair. Straight out of the box and the TDK WR700 headset looks compact enough to wear on the Tube, with the cushioned earpieces offering a snug fit that, even after an hour of wearing, didn't offer any discomfort. The headphones come in two parts, with a small transmitter box that can be plugged into any headphone socket. Both parts are battery powered, and cut out after a few minutes of inactivity to save battery power.

Review: Panasonic Toughbook J9 Black Style

Look and feel: At first glance, the J9 looks remarkably like a netbook, with its 10.1” screen and compact body. But upon further examination, a few marked differences emerge that truly set it apart: it’s much thicker, for instance, than your average netbook; the leaf type keyboard takes a while to get used to. Also, I found Panasonic’s distinctive circular touchpad a true hassle to use. But that’s really a matter of taste.

iClooly brings magic of landlines to iPhone

Last year it was reported about a product called the Phone x Phone, which is an iPhone dock that essentially turns your mobile into a desktop phone. Well, while it has a decidedly 70s retro appeal, the Phone x Phone now has some competition in the form of the sleek and modern-looking iClooly Handset and Sync Stand. You just lay your iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, or Android phone with a 3.5 mm headphone jack into the stand, plug in the landline-style handset, and pretend that cell phones were never invented.

Google aids Japan quake victims

Google has launched a version of its Person Finder service for people caught up in the Japanese earthquake. The website acts as a directory and message board so people can look for lost loved ones or post a note saying they are safe. It is designed to be embedded on websites and social network pages to reach as wide an audience as possible.
The system has proved useful after other disasters that have stopped people getting in direct touch. Soon after being set up the Japan quake Person Finder was logging more than 2,200 records.

Space shuttle Discovery lands never to soar again

CAPE CANAVERAL: Space shuttle Discovery aimed for an on-time touchdown Wednesday to wrap up a long flying career. The world’s most-traveled spaceship was due to return to Earth on Wednesday, three minutes before noon (1700 GMT). ”Right now, the weather looks great,” Mission Control informed the six astronauts. Commander Steven Lindsey and his crew spent the early morning hours readying Discovery for its last ride home from space. NASA‘s oldest shuttle has flown 39 missions over nearly 27 years. It’s being retired after this voyage.

Thanks for the memories? - iPod Classic

The iPod celebrates its ten year anniversary in 2011. Since its launch on Oct 23rd 2001, six generations of the device have been produced, with more than 300 million units sold of the various iterations. On September 1, 2010 Apple announced updates to the entire iPod line – with the sole exception of the iPod Classic. Some are wondering
whether this could mean the end of the product that sparked Apple's resurgence.

Philips Cinema 21:9 Gold Series LED TV

Anyone who thought making the switch from their old 4:3 analogue TV to a 16:9 widescreen digital model would mean the end of unsightly black bars at the top and bottom of the picture will likely have discovered otherwise – particularly if they also picked up a Blu-ray player along with the new TV. With most movies filmed in the wider 2.35:1 or 2.40:1 and many of these now available on Blu-ray, cinephiles are once again faced with the choice of viewing the entire image with black bars, or zooming or stretching the image so it fills the entire screen.

HTC Arrive officially announced on Sprint

After dropping hints over the past few days on their Twitter account, Sprint is ready to announce the top secret phone they’ve been hiding. The first ever CDMA Windows Phone 7 will be making its debut on Sprint this month. Called the HTC Arrive (better known as the HTC 7 Pro elsewhere), this will mark the first time that a WP7 device will be running on a CDMA network.

The AMD Radeon HD 6990 graphics card

Not too long ago, we were all salivating at the release of NVIDIA's GTX 580 graphics card and scrambling to make the most of the world's fastest Direct X GPU. Now AMD has bounced back with the announcement that its new Radeon HD 6990 card has beaten NVIDIA's 3DMark 11 performance score in industry standard benchmark testing for a single graphics card.

Cheapest Nokia X1-00 coming soon

Nokia X1-00 is the phone you’ve been waiting for. Costing just €35 (£29) SIM-free, it’s one of Nokia’s cheapest ever phones. But it’s not only the price that’s eye-catching, it’s the loud speaker slapped across the back. Nokia says it’ll create enough noise, “…to rattle your window frames”. Apparently, the speaker’s frequency response has been tickled so it doesn’t cause the horrific distortion so often associated with mobile speakers. Which means the kids can crank the X1-00 up to 11 on the back seat of the bus and you can hear every word and beat crystal clear.
Speaker aside, the Nokia X1-00 comes with a colour screen, Series 30 software, SD support up to an impressive 16GB and a 3.5mm jack for bunging on your own headphones. It’s due to land in April in “selected markets”.
Source: T3

Intel and Lenovo Unveil Classmate+ PC Netbook for School going

Intel is pretty keen on pursuing its Classmate initiative and has announced the release of a new product from this category i.e. the Classmate+ PC. Developed in partnership with Lenova, this model, pretty much like its earlier siblings, targets the educational segment and students in grades K-8 in particular. The PC is fitted inside a rugged, drop-resistant exterior and a spill-resistant keyboard thus becoming a befitting choice for school kids.

Smallest Disposable Endoscopic Camera

Tiny video cameras mounted on the end of long thin fiber optic cables, commonly known as endoscopes, have proven invaluable to doctors and researchers wishing to peer inside the human body. Endoscopes can be rather pricey, however, and like anything else that gets put inside peoples' bodies, need to be sanitized after each use.

Lewis is out of Hope on the F1 Chances This Season

LEWIS HAMILTON has written off his chances of Formula One title glory this season — with the first race still 17 days away.The 2008 champ admits he will find it impossible to regain the drivers' crown unless McLaren can suddenly improve his car.Hamilton, 26, admitted: "Do I believe I have a car to win the world championship at the moment?

Weight Loss Myths Busted

Some days back I was going through a report on side effects of faulty measures adopted by people in the hope to lose weight. People who skipped meals, followed crash diets or fad diets suffered from insomnia, stress, headaches, weakness, fatigue and to top it all they lost very little or no weight at all. So I thought of compiling a list of most common weight loss myths and the real truth behind them.
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