Wireless TDK WR700 headphones: Review

I hate wires and untangling my headphones cord frustrates me to despair. Straight out of the box and the TDK WR700 headset looks compact enough to wear on the Tube, with the cushioned earpieces offering a snug fit that, even after an hour of wearing, didn't offer any discomfort. The headphones come in two parts, with a small transmitter box that can be plugged into any headphone socket. Both parts are battery powered, and cut out after a few minutes of inactivity to save battery power.

The headphones themselves have a handy volume control on the right ear which you might need as the volume is impressive even on a noisy train, but with the volume turned up nearly everyone around you will be able to hear your music.
The WR700 uses Kleer wireless technology, which transmits at near CD quality. This becomes evident as soon as the headphones are plugged in to a home stereo - the sound is crisp, the bass is rich and well balanced.
Walking out of the room caused the sound to cut out intermittently at less than the meagre ten-metre range stated by TDK. The WR700 really comes into its own, however when used on the go. The size of the transmitter is negligible when plugged into a phone or MP3 player, and the ensemble easily fits into any pocket.
My only real criticism is the design. The headset looks cheap and dated, a little more effort in the looks department and I would be happy to wear them anywhere.
Source: mailonline
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