How to recharge Wateen Card

· Log on to

· On main page, towards bottom right click on option of Refill account.

· In the new window that appears, enter your pre-paid card scratch number.

· You will get a message “Your card is redeemed successfully”.

· Alternatively you can also recharge your account from Wateen Selfcare Portal.

How to connect Wateen

· Power on the device

· Place it near a window facing open sky with at least 5 to 6 feet height.

· Once situated at the mentioned position power on the device and let it become stable which could take couple of minutes.

· Double click on Local Area connection then click on properties

· Double click on Internet protocol TCP/IP option and click on radio button Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS address automatically.

Wateen Portals

Wateen Official Website:

The official website of Wateen Telecom Limited is your gateway to world of entertainment, news, sports, games and much more. Have it added to your favorite links and visit often to stay updated on current happenings not only in Pakistan but around the world.

Self-care Portal:

The self-care portal provides you complete control by giving you a chance:

Wateen Customer Loan Functionality

Wateen has introduced customer loan functionality and it is ready to facilitate the customers. Wateen users can call helpline 111-365-111 to get laon from them they will verify some information from you and then after proper verification they will process loan for you.

1. Customer can avail loan for minimum Rs.25 and maximum Rs 100 within a Billing cycle. (Customer can get Rs. 25 four times within a billing cycle or vice versa up to maximum Rs. 100)

Wateen USB Drivers Installation

Now Wateen USB Drivers are available to download on Wateen official website ( Wateen customers can consider below mentioned link for downloading USB Dongle drivers.

Simply Go to the link pasted below and click on DOWNLOAD NOW to get the software for Wateen USB.
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