Wateen New Self Care Portal to track Usage and Billing Details of Account

Wateen has come up with an online usage and bill tracking system again that is helping customers to keep an eye on their data usage and current balance in their account.

To Access Wateen’s Self Care Portal Click Here

You don't need to worry if you see an ip address instead wateen.com. This is their legitimate Selfcare Portal. I have confirmed it form their support.

Wateen’s New Self Care Portal will help you to:

  1. Check your Internet Usage in current month, while providing you details about how much data has been used out of the allowed quota.
  2. Check your account remaining balance.
  3. You can check your account blocking, locking and closing date which helps users avoid any dissconnection of service.
  4. Check your account current status.
  5. You can check your account billing date.
  6. You can also recharge your account from the same portal.
  7. Get your current Service Information, that is your current package, tariffs, and other account related details.
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