Boomerang Camera for Reverse Aerial Photography

Aussie peeps is sure to love this gadget, not for combat like the old days but to have their own aerial photos. Yanko designer Sangyong Park came out with a boomerang camera concept called Camerang. The Camerang works as “it actively takes shots as it flies through the air, while the central
 lens rotates automatically to fix its focus on the subject. The camera intuitively calculates the required lens angle as it flies and clicks a set of freeze frames as it orbits around the subject.”

Fling Mini - Analog joystick for smartphones

Fling mini is a pair of joysticks for iPhone, iPod touch, or Android devices. It gives you controls you can touch for any game that has an on-screen joystick. Fling mini's patent pending design gives your games a true analog stick feel. They come as a pair, for maximum compatibility with all games.

Fling mini is designed for gaming on the go. It's perfect for those unexpected moments waiting on your train, your lunch, your dad, your class, or your next appointment.

Wireless Mobile Storage For iPad

One of the restrictions of the Pad (and iPhone) is it’s lack of expandability with it annoyingly having no USB or memory card ports, thus limiting you to the space you originally purchased. Seagate aim to fill this gap with the GoFlex Mobile Wireless Storage device, effectively a portable hard drive that you connect to over Wi-Fi.

To use you connect (via USB) the GoFlex 500 GB external hard drive to your PC/Mac and download any media files that you want to watch on the go, disconnect and drop the device in your pocket.
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