Julia Roberts in Snow White

Julia Roberts has closed a deal to star as the evil queen in one of three rival Snow White projects in the works. The actress has signed to star in a modern-edged take being directed by Tarsem Singh ("The Cell") for Relativity Media. Shooting on the untitled project begins in April. The story follows Snow White as she looks for payback along with her band of seven dwarves after her stepmother kills her father. It is set for a June 29, 2012, release.

Canon's new 200-400mm telephoto zoom - two lenses in one

One lens to rule them all … that's the dream, isn't it? Imagine, a compact, light L series Canon jobbie with a constant f/1.0, image stabilization, ultrasonic drive and a zoom from 10mm to 400 without distortion. Sigh. While it's probably not all that far away, for the meantime we have to put up with constantly switching lenses to get the effects we're after.

Sanwa brings us One step closer to universal 3D glasses

Japanese company Sanwa has recently announced that its new 400-3DGS001 3D glasses are compatible with multiple brands of 3D televisions, such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, and Toshiba. While the glasses aren't truly "universal" they are a step in the right direction, reminding us that a day may come when we have multiple 3DTVs in our homes.

Sibling Relations are often the most stable

Our siblings are a loving and caring relation that lasts forever. Sibling relationships are often the most stable and longest lasting healthy relationships that we will have throughout our life. This is a relationship that goes through many ups and downs and takes on the test of time, yet it is a loving, caring, tolerant and highly successful relationship.

Akshay Hopes that Patiala House witnesses a bullish trend

After a disappointing last year when most of his films saw a bearish turn at the box-office, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is hoping that his first release of the year, cricket based family-drama 'Patiala House', witnesses a bullish trend in the movie business.

Motorola ATRIX 4G Wi-Fi-enabled device

Motorola’s upcoming Android 2.2 Froyo-powered handset, the ATRIX 4G, is set to light up the smartphone world – that’s a given, and we are pleased to bring you news of its availability while it is hot off the press. Available for pre-sales a day before Valentine’s

Vidya, Naseeruddin to share two lovemaking scenes in Dirty Pictures

Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah to share two lovemaking scenes in Dirty Pictures. After sharing moments of flirting and seduction with Naseeruddin Shah in Ishqiya, Vidya Balan, who plays Silk Smitha in Balaji's Dirty Pictures, will now have two intimate scenes with the senior actor, who plays one of her lovers in the Ekta Kapoor production.

Meet 'Patiala House' star Armaan Kirmani

Armaan Kirmani is the Cambridge graduate who swapped a career in law for a part in a major Bollywood film.  Here are some questions and answers from the British actor and to find out first hand his experience of playing bhai to Akshay,

Bollywood takes India-Latin America ties to new high

When Latin American girls start wearing bindis, enquire about Indian superstars and Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan shoots a whole TV series in splendid Argentine locales, there is little doubt that entertainment ties between the two regions are flourishing.
Shah Rukh’s TV game show “Zor Ka Jhatka”, which goes on air Tuesday, is the latest to reaffirm these growing bonds. A team of 28 Indian TV and film celebrities and a supporting crew of 20 spent 40 days in Buenos Aires between December-January to shoot the show.
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