Sibling Rivalry - The Main Peanut

"It is my turn to sit in front! Why do you always get to choose? You have chosen X, so now it is my turn to select Y."
Does this sound familiar? How often do we as parents have to
 sort out scenarios like the ones described above? Don't you wish there was an easy solution to solve this?
As a parent myself, I needed a solution to this problem. However, I wanted a solution that would be fair to all parties. I came across a very simple process. So how does this process work?

Tantrums have a new best friend: Anushka

A bitchy actress calls to say that Anushka Sharma is becoming too big for her boots these days. When a cinematographer is setting up the light, he makes the actors to stand there so that the light falls properly on their face and make them look optimally beautiful. But Miss Sharma feels she is a diva.

Veena's near Death Experience

Pakistani Actress Veena Malik , who recently came back to Pakistan after her Indian Tour, has faced a car crash accident on Motorway, while she was travelling from Islamabad to Lahore.According to the latest news reports , Veena Malik remained safe in the incident but suffered injuries in the accident.

The Source Code was a dream Role for her

She has starred in a black comedy, a spy thriller and a romcom, but actor Michelle Monaghan, 35, fulfilled her dream of acting in a sci-fi with Duncan Jones’ Source Code.“I haven’t really ventured into sci-fi as a genre. I’ve done a lot of other things, but sci-fi was not one of them.
So I really thought, “Wow. Why not go on this endeavour with somebody as cool, young and energetic as Duncan Jones?” says the actor, who rubs shoulders with Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga in the outing.

Mark has faced criticism over Facebook's own privacy policies

It has been revealed that Facebook embarked on a smear campaign against rival Google.
The social network has admitted that it hired a PR firm to plant anti-Google stories related to user privacy.
The details came to light when one blogger approached by PR
 firm Burson-Marsteller published the e-mail exchange.
Burson had been touting stories on behalf of an unnamed client about the Google service Social Circle.

Google's CR-48 Chrome laptop - The Laptop of the Future, Version 1.0

Google's CR-48 Chrome laptop was a rough draft of the kind of computer people will be using eventually—lean, fast, utterly and completely connected—but it had its problems. (Oh lord, the trackpad.) Samsung's Series 5 Chromebook is like version 1.0.
It's not a netbook, Google will tell you. (Vocally.) But your hands will tell you differently.
 It's squishy in the middle, when you press on the upper section of the trackpad. Almost like it's hollow. Students of online colleges don't more frustrations.

Cannon Digital Camera - Mini USB

Talk about optimizing your space! Modern society has gotten used to the ease of sharing information and images, and these Canon Camera Thumbdrives will make the process much more effortless than digging around for your USB cables and cursing your laptop’s lack of a card reader.
Designed by Paradox One, the miniature point and shoot, the digital SLR

Black and bright: LG Optimus Black review

It’s not a Black Label phone but could’ve honored the designer series. It’s called Black but bathes in light. What is the LG Optimus Black? To begin with, it’s solid build and pure elegance. With Android on board, smartphone meets fashion phone in a super slim package.

The Optimus Black is the first phone we’ve tested that uses the NOVA display technology. Special enough to warrant a dedicated article.
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