Sibling Rivalry - The Main Peanut

"It is my turn to sit in front! Why do you always get to choose? You have chosen X, so now it is my turn to select Y."
Does this sound familiar? How often do we as parents have to
 sort out scenarios like the ones described above? Don't you wish there was an easy solution to solve this?
As a parent myself, I needed a solution to this problem. However, I wanted a solution that would be fair to all parties. I came across a very simple process. So how does this process work?

Firstly, a roster is needed (a calendar with space for writing will also work). For the first day, the eldest child's name appears at the top, followed be the second eldest, and so on.
At the end of the day, the name at the top moves to the bottom and the rest moves up. When using a calendar, children's names are put next to the different dates.
HINT: Make sure the roster or calendar is visible to all children.
Secondly, let the children decide what the title would be for being at the top of the roster. This could be anything from Main Peanut to VIP to Big Boss. The person on top will then have that title for the day that his name is on top.
So how does this help?
Whenever children get to a stage where a decision is to be made, the Main Peanut (MP) chooses first. Whose turn is it to sit in front? The MP decides where he wants to sit. Who gets to decide what movie we are watching tonight? The MPmakes the decision. The list goes on.
When your children starts fighting with each other when playing and you're not sure who started. They get a warning to stop. If the fighting continues, it means that they don't want to play together. The MP can decide if he wants to play further and the other child needs to go and play something else.
This can even be taken further by applying some "privileges" to the MP. When it is bath time, the MP only needs to fill the bath. The MP gets to bath first. The other children need to clean the bathroom.
When the MP however abuses his title, he might be "punished" by losing his next turn as MP. The impact for losing this title seems to be huge for children!
As parent, go and enjoy this. You will be surprised by the results. Be creative and adapt this principle to suit your own parenting style.
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