A Few Years Left Until the Social Web Kills Off Websites?

Reuters/Techland Illustration
I hope you're all taking full advantage of your favorite websites today because, despite what common opinion says, they won't be around forever. There will be no more need for Article Writing Services.

According to Jim Boulton, curator of the Digital Archaeology exhibition currently running in New York that charts the history of web design and internet evolution, we only have a short amount of time left in the website era as we know it.

The iPhone Will Soon Launch into Outer Space

It's where no phone has ever gone before. Next month, the iPhone – for the first time ever – will make its way into deep space.

Tentatively scheduled for July 8, NASA's final planned space shuttle mission (insert sad face here), STS-135, plans to bring two iPhone 4s along for the ride. The space shuttle Atlantis will be making its way to the International Space Station for a 12-day rendezvous.
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