Burberry's conquest of cyber space

Burberry today announces the launch of a global, state-of-the-digital-art 'Retail Theatre' concept which will enable invited guests to experience its London Fashion Week spring/summer 2011 fashion show in real-time, and then place online orders through custom-built Burberry apps on iPads.

Hollywood must plot a new course to win back its audience

And so the four-day Labor Day holiday is over and summer comes to an end in Hollywoodland. As the shadows stretch across the manicured lawns of the studio grounds, there will be plenty to think about. The blockbuster season that started in May with the enjoyable hit Iron Man 2 will most likely creep past summer 2009 for a new record.

Willow Garage's PR2 robot now for sale

Earlier this year we reported how Californian robotics company Willow Garage was giving away a number of its PR2 robots to various institutions as part of its PR2 Beta program. Lucky PR2 recipients were asked to use the robot to pursue their research and development goals and share their progress with the open source robotics community so that the community as a whole can build on each other’s results.

New tech for better global data transmission

London: A new data transmission system has been developed that could substantially improve the transmission capacity and energy efficiency of the world's optical communication networks. Transmission of data through optical networks is currently limited by ''phase noise'' from optical amplifiers and ''cross talk''
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