Shah Rukh Khan to learn gymnastics for his 2011 Diwali release Ra.One

The King Khan of Bollywood still has more to learn even after an extremely successful career spanning more than two decades. According to reports in the media, Shah Rukh Khan will learn gymnastics for his 2011 Diwali release Ra.One. It is true that SRK is known for his romantic appearances onscreen,

Johansson-Reynolds file for divorce

Hollywood actors Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have filed for divorce in Los Angeles citing irreconcilable differences, court records show.
The pair list their separation date as 14 December - the day they announced their break-up.

Farah Khan to plan a sequel to Akshay Kumar-starrer “Tees Maar Khan”

NEW DELHI: It seems like this conman is already on a trail as director Farah Khan is planning a sequel to Akshay Kumar-starrer “Tees Maar Khan”, which hits the screens Friday.”

When Farah and Katrina went to shoot the grand finale of STAR Plus’ cookery game show ‘Master Chef India’, she was so impressed with Akshay’s hospitality that she ended up offering ‘Tees Maar Khan 2′ to the actor,” said a source.

‘Munni’ and ‘Sheila’ have now reached court premises

ALLAHABAD: Indian Cinematography Act of 1952 may soon come on the way of smooth journey of ‘Munni Badnam Hui’ and ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’, which have been craze throughout the country. However, ‘Munni’ and ‘Sheila’ have now reached court premises.

Madonna most talked about celebrity in newspapers and magazines

LONDON: Madonna has emerged as the most talked about celebrity in the past ten years, grabbing most print space in newspapers and magazines.

The 52-year-old Material Girl beat off competition from TV mogul Simon Cowell and singer Robbie Williams to clinch the top spot,

Mechanic's mini Mini fits under the bed

A retired mechanic spent three months making his Mini car even smaller - so that it fits in the hold of his motor home. Lester Atherfold, 67, from New Zealand, trimmed the 10ft long British classic car to a mere 7ft 10ins. He sliced 2ft from the middle, narrowed the chassis, and fitted a new transmission, sub-frame, clutch and dashboard.

Review - HTC 7 Trophy smartphone

Overview: This amazing touch screen Smartphone is known as the HTC 7 Trophy, & what a trophy it is! It has a similar style touch screen form casing as its family member the HTC 7 Mozart & both handsets support an outstanding Windows phone 7 operating system.

Skype apology for global blackout

Millions of people around the globe have been hit by an outage at the popular internet phone service Skype. Users as far afield as Japan, Europe and the US have all reported problems. The company which prides itself on providing relatively reliable service last suffered a major outage in 2007.

Dreamate Sleep Inducer helps you to take good sleep

If you’re one of those people that suffers from unusual sleep patterns and you want to get your body back in to check you might be able to do it with this acupuncture sleeping gadget, the Dreamate Sleep Inducer. Dreamate uses accupressure techniques to gently massage the “sleeping golden triangle” on your left wrist.

Avoiding Unhealthy Food is Best Weight Loss Solution

Everybody who has ever gone on a diet knows how difficult they can be sometimes! After all, it is unnatural to starve yourself just to lose weight. No wonder that once you've achieved your weight loss goals, you begin binging again as your body demands that you make up for the nutrition of which you've deprived it.

Asin and Salman on a tree for 3 days

A simple scene turned into a nightmare for Salman Khan and Asin when the two had to hang from a tree for three days. It was meant to be a simple jungle sequence to be shot in Goregaon's Film City for Anees Bazmi's forthcoming film, Ready, but it turned out to be a nightmare for the lead pair, Salman Khan and Asin.

Mythology is the wellspring of our civilization

Discovering archetypes is a highly personal experience. Vedic science, the ancient wisdom tradition of India, says that unless you can get in touch with that embryo of a god or goddess incubating inside you, unless you can let that embryo be fully born, then your life will always be mundane. But once that god to goddess expresses itself through you, then you will do grand and wondrous things.

Educating Girls to Protect the Environment

One of the hottest topics at the “Women Deliver” conference earlier this month - where panels ran the gamut from HIV prevention and family planning to gender-based violence and maternal health - was the intersection of women’s reproductive health, global population growth, and climate change.

Lindsay Lohan investigated for rehab attack

Even in rehab, trouble seems to find Lindsay Lohan. The actress, whose promising career has been buried by legal and drug problems, is now under criminal investigation as a result of a late-night confrontation at the Betty Ford rehab center in southern California, an official said on Tuesday.

Legless ‘Stool Mama’ raises 130 children

A Chinese woman with no legs who taught herself to walk on two stools has brought up more than 130 orphaned children. Xu Yuehua, 55, lost her legs at the age of 12 when she was hit by a train while gathering coal by the railway. She also lost both parents during childhood and was eventually taken in by the Xiangtan Orphan's House, Hunan Province, when she was 17.

Zor Ka Jhatka will beat all competition on television - Says SRK

Trust Bollywood 'badshah' Shah Rukh Khan to do things with a bang. He is now ready to make his small screen comeback with "Zor Ka Jhatka" on Imagine TV, and claims he will beat all competition on television. "I am the badshah of bedroom. Now people may say I am being vulgar, but the kind of entertainment I provide to my viewers enjoying in their bedrooms - no one else can," Shah Rukh, in his trademark witty style, told reporters.

Poverty is the main root cause of lack of education

Education is the basic right of every children and a very important aspect for progress of any nation. In Pakistan illiteracy rate is increasing on daily basis and the total figures have reached to millions it’s all because of rising poverty. Poverty is the main root cause of lack of education and rising child labour because with the rising inflation when the poor are becoming poorer than in situation there is dire need of child labor for the living and survival.

Fairy Tales helps in improving immagination

Many parents believe fairy tales spoil the psyche and mind of a child, making him ridiculously imaginative and day dreamer while forgetting the harsh realities of world. But Fairy tales are the first steps towards the entire learning process of a child that makes him an individual with imaginative power, emotional existence and an adventurous soul brimming with zest of life.

Recipe - Gajjar ka Halwa

Carrots 5 kg.
Milk 3 Liters.
Sugar 2-3 cups or to taste.
Ghee 250 grams.
Choti Illaichi (Small Cardamom) 12. Khoya (dried milk) 500 grams.
Almonds (Badaam) 125 grams.
Walnut (Akhrote) 125 grams.

China will fund all the energy projects of Pakistan

China and Pakistan have signed nearly $20bn in economic deals, boosting trade and investment as Wen Jiabao became the first Chinese premier in five years to visit the nuclear-armed state. Business leaders formalised another $10bn worth of deals on Saturday at Islamabad's Marriott Hotel, where a devastating suicide truck bomb killed 60 people in 2008.

Nokia C6 Review: cheaper version of N97

Nokia C series started as an entry-level series since June 2010, when the first C1 and C2 handsets were launched, but continued to upgrade, as more advanced devices have been thrown on the market. Lately, we had Nokia C3, which could easily be taken as an Eseries device, and then we had Nokia C5, which is a powerful candy-bar smartphone that strongly resembles the older Nokia 6300 phone.

Apple's iOS 4.2 with AirPlay and AirPrint

Apple has announced that iOS 4.2 is now available as a free download for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. While iPhone and iPod touch users have enjoyed many of the features found in the latest version in iOS 4.0 and 4.1, it brings multitasking, fast app switching, folders, Game Center and a unified mail inbox to the iPad for the first time. The update also adds AirPrint and AirPlay to all compatible devices.

Ssolar Charging Clothes for Your Gadgets

Portable solar chargers like the U-Powered solar charger from Kiwi Choice are a handy way to keep mobile devices like smartphones, cameras and media players topped up with electricity while on the go. But if you’re looking for a more convenient way to carry a solar charger with you then the GO Solar Power Collection line of clothing from Silvr Lining could prove a good fit.

Snacks Satisfy Immediate Hunger Without Wrecking Your Diet

Do you ignore those mid-mornings and -afternoon hunger pangs for fear that eating will add unnecessary calories to your diet? Do you then find an extra helping at your next meal impossible to resist? Research shows that strategically snacking on small portions of healthy foods between meals can keep your calorie consumption under control and stop the urge to overeat.

Berlusconi buys 37 rings for female MPs

FOR some five gold rings are enough for Christmas but the Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, requires 37 - one for each of his female MPs.
The 74-year-old ordered the specially made £1,193 rings from a designer jeweller and they were given to female politicians as part of his annual Christmas gift.
In all 24 women MPs from the lower house and 13 senators from the upper house were given the Italian “tricolour” rings which were made of three bands of white, yellow and pink gold studded with tiny diamonds.

Drinking tea curbs weight gain

DRINKING tea may prevent weight gain caused by a junk food diet. Researchers found regular consumption of tea also suppressed damaging changes in the blood linked to fatty foods that can lead to type 2 diabetes.
They said the research on mice could signal another set of health benefits from tea drinking if they are confirmed in trials on humans.
In the study some mice were given a high fat diet and others a normal diet.

Scientists grow world’s first hair follicles using stem cells

IT is an embarrassing condition that has plagued middle-aged men for centuries but now scientists think they are close to creating a cure for baldness following a stem cell breakthrough.
Scientists at the Berlin Technical University in Germany, have grown the world’s first artificial hair follicles from stem cells. The follicles were created from animal cells and were somewhat thinner than normal, but the team were optimistic they could grow human hairs from stem cells within a year.

How Bollywood fell in love with Katrina Kaif - Report

A British actor brought up in London is set to become the most sought after superstar in the Bollywood film industry after her role in a blockbuster movie that opens in cinemas throughout the world this week.
Katrina Kaif, daughter of a British charity worker and a Kashmiri father, watched her first Indian film on television in her home in Finchley when she was a teenager. Now her film, Tees Maar Khan, is predicted to be one of the biggest Bollywood hits of the year. The 26-year-old will fly back to London for the UK premiere on Wednesday.
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