Recipe - Gajjar ka Halwa

Carrots 5 kg.
Milk 3 Liters.
Sugar 2-3 cups or to taste.
Ghee 250 grams.
Choti Illaichi (Small Cardamom) 12. Khoya (dried milk) 500 grams.
Almonds (Badaam) 125 grams.
Walnut (Akhrote) 125 grams.

Pistachio (pista) 125 grams.
Warqe Chandi (Silver Foil)
  • Peel, wash & grate carrots in a food processor.
  • In a deep pan, put carrots & milk together on medium heat, stir well.
  • When the milk is dried up add sugar to taste.
  • Heat until the sugar's water is dried up & carrots become more reddish.
  • In another pan, heat the ghee & put choti illaichi and khoya and fry well.
  • Add carrots & half amount of grated almonds, walnut & pistachios to the khoya pan and fry well.
  • Remove from stove and put in a transparent dish.
  • Cover with silver foil and garnish with the remaining almonds, walnut & pistachios.
Source: Pakirecipes
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