Poverty is the main root cause of lack of education

Education is the basic right of every children and a very important aspect for progress of any nation. In Pakistan illiteracy rate is increasing on daily basis and the total figures have reached to millions it’s all because of rising poverty. Poverty is the main root cause of lack of education and rising child labour because with the rising inflation when the poor are becoming poorer than in situation there is dire need of child labor for the living and survival.
Child labor contributes much in rising illiteracy. Government schools are there in every area of Pakistan but without children and basis facilities these schools are said to call the ghost schools and without educated teachers.
Pakistan is in state of war and in worst financial condition, and dependent on other countries for support and rehabilitation and recovery from the worst situation. The annual budget which we are spending on fighting on the war of terrorism but getting nothing in return and condition of Pakistan becoming worst on every passing day it’s all because of lack of planning and government interest in policy making which are in interest of common man. Have we ever think that why terrorism makes its root stronger in less developed areas I tell you it’s all because of government interest in developing the less privileged areas of Pakistan, lack of educational facilities, no trained teachers and conservative attitude of illiterate people who say no to girls education become the responsible factors for the situation which we are facing now-a-days. If there were education and other facilities necessary for living in under developed areas than the ratio of terrorism was not so high.
Rural areas of Pakistan are far behind in education and children engaged in child labor are mostly the migratory of under developed areas. They migrate to urban areas and engaged their children in different kinds of labors and take the right of education from them. It’s all because of poverty and lack of progress in Pakistan.
Education is the right of every child whether rich or poor and if the right of education is taken away from children than how Pakistan coming generation will be progressive and in this situation what will be the future of Pakistan.
Now it’s high time that our government and NGOs’ should start thinking in a practical manner to spread education in under developed areas of Pakistan and slum settlements because children belonging to such places usually engaged in child labor and are away from their important right. Such schools should be formed which provide financial assistance along with studies to support the living of poor children because only education cannot fill empty stomachs but if small stipends will be provided in government schools along with studies than it will definitely increased the rate of literacy in Pakistan and our coming generation will be able to stand progressing in the developed world.
Source: Nayyab's Blog
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