Mechanic's mini Mini fits under the bed

A retired mechanic spent three months making his Mini car even smaller - so that it fits in the hold of his motor home. Lester Atherfold, 67, from New Zealand, trimmed the 10ft long British classic car to a mere 7ft 10ins. He sliced 2ft from the middle, narrowed the chassis, and fitted a new transmission, sub-frame, clutch and dashboard.
The transformation cost just £95 and the 1100cc mini Mini still does 75mph.
Mr Atherfold, of Napier, bought the 1964 Mini 850 for the equivalent of £200 in 1988. He said: "It's fantastic. It gives us total freedom from the motor home when we are away on holiday.
"The Mini was the only car in the world that would fit in the motor home, all the others were too big and tall. We can see and do things that would otherwise be impossible. What other car would fit under your bed?"
Source: orangenews

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