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Wateen brings First Mobile Phone Yellow Pages directory for its Customers. Now Customers can search their required place/contact number through their mobile and internet.

Online Yellow Pages
City Xplorer is more or less the same as online yellow pages, where no Internet connection is required. Online yellow pages are essentially an Internet version of the portion of a phone book known as directory. Besides being able to tailor each search to the user's specific needs, CX cuts down on paper usage; it also has more up-to-date information, as an entire reprinting is not required to change a company's address or phone number.

City Xplorer is the first mobile phone yellow pages in Pakistan with unique features. Mobile user can take benefit of complete “self-contained” mobile application, which holds an absolute and updated database of Pakistan’s yellow pages providing user’s ultimate convenience on their fingertips with data update facility.

·         CX offers ease to search any contact information by category or any keyword with no extra charges like PRS, SMS, etc.
·         User can easily search the required contact information by POI (place of interest) or keyword
·         Our servers holds over one hundred thousand POIs
·         While searching the data user can save, dial or share information
·         CX does not require any mobile network connection  as it can work from anywhere, any time
·         CX can be installed in mobile phones via GPRS, Web Push, Website and Bluetooth
·         CX also offers a unique branding opportunity and mobile medium for advertisers
·         GPRS activated mobile users can also fetch other cities’ yellow pages database
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