Pakistani go abroad for better career

Define why Pakistani people go abroad is the basic Question and most of the Pakistani youth like  to go abroad for better future , corruption, terrorism, attractive salary, or corrupt politicians ,role of media or any other reason behind it for Pakistani people to go to abroad. May be Pakistani people go to abroad for the attractive image, and it just as brain drain.
Why Pakistani people go to abroad you want to know what are the reasons behind this and what circumstances compel them to do so. In fact, there is not a single reason but a bundle of reasons is there. First of all, the vast area of opportunities and careers is not available in Pakistan. Unemployment is also a big reason for this. Students who complete their 16 years education but as soon as they go to the market they find there no jobs. This thing frustrates the Pakistani youth and they look for the option of going abroad.
Another basic reason is the lack of recognition of someone’s work. For example if a person is very intelligent. And he has earned gold medals throughout his career.  He will not be honored by the government in such a way, he deserves.  This thing causes the disappointment to the young people of Pakistan and they think about going some other country where they can earn the respect they deserve.
Corruption is another basic factor and it is the greatest reason indeed. Many people take the right of the competent person. And this action hurt him/her and they try to avoid this situation and they try to fly towards some country where there things are done on merit. Most of the Pakistani people go to abroad for save their future. In abroad expert people get better salary.
If Pakistani Government don’t think about it the time not far when no expert in Pakistan. Pakistani government takes the action about it save the Pakistan and save Pakistani nation.
Source: ilm
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