Dining out can be a relaxing

First of all, dieting is not something you should consider as a temporary situation. Your diet should consist of sensible servings of nutrient dense foods that sustain your body and satisfy your appetite. If you want to lose weight and keep that weight off, you have to choose a diet that you can live with.

Living with a diet means that eventually you will be faced with the challenge of dining out. How will you maintain your sensible eating habits when you have no control over how the food is cooked? By asking how the entrée is cooked and re questing condiments and sauces served on the side.
Choose restaurants that appreciate your business and are more than willing to accommodate your dining requests in return for your patronage. Many restaurants have reduced-calorie menus or entrees and they are happy to prepare a dish with special requests. For those places that do not; make selections based on foods that are broiled or grilled rather than fried.
Dining out usually means large portions. Rather than force yourself to eat every bite, divide your meal in two portions as soon as it arrives at your table. By making the separation before you begin eating, will make it easier to stop eating when you reach the halfway mark. If you eat your meal down to a quarter size, you'll be tempted to finish the rest of the dish regardless of how full you feel.
If you are taking home leftovers, be sure to have them packaged properly. You'll also want to be sure to head straight home. Cooked food should not be left at room temperature for longer than two hours and should be refrigerated as soon as you return home.
Be patient with the wait staff at your favorite restaurants and reward them with the proper gratuity. Dining out can be a relaxing, satisfying, socially acceptable means of entertainment that can be enjoyed by any diet.
Source: Ezine Health
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