Stress can be one cause of Weight Gain

The answer, quite simply to this question is "yes". Stress can undoubtedly make you fat. Admittedly, not everyone who is stressed gets fat, but being under stress increases the potential to get fat. In this article, the reasons will be explained, but it is up to you to find ways around them.
So many people around the world facing this situation that they are getting fat due to stress.
Cortisol Knocking
When you get stressed, your body releases cortisol. What does this mean? Well, in normal situations, cortisol helps regulate the body's metabolic functions. The problem is that most of us are under constant stress from things like work, and that means cortisol production goes into hyperdrive. Stress is taken by the body as an omen of impending danger, and so it takes steps to maximize energy storage for those fight-or-flight moments. Understanding this automatic survival mechanism will help you understand how stress works its hands into your weight gain.
Comfort Foods
Some may think that unwinding on fatty or high-starch foods is acceptable when you are stressed out and in need of a break. These comfort foods are more often than not diet breakers, and due to the fact that we would usually eat a lot in one sitting, that means a lot of calories in one go. Don't blame your psyche solely though, because it may just be millions of years of evolution ganging up on you. Your body knows fat and carbs are good for a lot of energy, energy you may need to run away or live off of. This problem is compounded by the next reason.
Fattening Up, But Not For Hibernation
So your body is trying to stock up on fat deposits in anticipation of disaster. It helps this along by making it easier to build up fat deposits via slowing down your metabolism. Good for survival, bad for everyone who has to watch their waistlines. Remember that food has only been readily available in the last century or two, so that short time cannot overcome so many eons of struggling to ensure the next generation sees the light of day.
Your Nerves Are Eating For You
When you are stressed, it becomes more important to watch what you eat and how much you eat. Your nerves might just be eating for you, in a figurative sense. Under stress, you might be impulsive and unsettled, "nervous" so to speak. Thus, you might be snacking more or wolfing down more during mealtimes, all without your notice. Try to make conscious efforts to keep your regular eating schedule and amounts.
The Long Run
With extended periods of continual or even continuous stress, you may face something called metabolic syndrome. This can make you fat, unhappy, and in the long run, more prone to heart diseases and diabetes. Obviously, this is not a good state of affairs, so you will have to take steps to control your stress levels right now.
Everyone has their own way of de-stressing. Get your stress under control as soon as possible, as long as the method does not involve a lot of food.
Source: Ezine Health
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