Raymond Davis and Role of our Media

I have been reading all reports appeared in different Newspapers and watching almost all discussion on our channels just after the shot dead two people by Raymond Davis in Lahore. On very first moments Geo TV showed eye witness who was saying ” there were two persons and both having pistols chased the Gora (English Man) and they wanted to stop and rob him but Gora did not waste a second and he fired at people in front of his car and when both felt down,
he came out and took their pictures and tried so hard to flee but he could not out from congested area” Many eye witnesses were shown on different channels but that footage was not repeated at all.
It is also reported by Media that these robbers also snatched Mobile and  goods from other people which has been recovered from Hospital but mostly writers calling them innocent people like Raymond Davis was such extremist like many here in Pakistan killing innocent people who had nothing to do with National policy and politics.
If we accept for while Raymond Davis killed innocent people but had it been possible to hang killer in one week by our court but it had never happened in our country, Raymond Davis was detained and case is being heard but our media gave the reflection to the people that Govt. is going to release Raymond Davis and it led the suicide of widow of deceased and, how this suicide can be justified when things were in process and she stated that she would be declined justice so she went for suicide? And our media also created confusion in masses like we have been slave of America.
I pity on myself and people of this country where we do not have room for truth and stating facts and we always see and believe in conspiracy theory and  that’s why we never get result of any investigation or report and our people never believe whatever it comes out.
Pakistan is a country where mostly people do not know what is immunity and Vienna convention? Pakistan is a signatory of this convention and it has to abide all means and honor the International law but our media does not tell the Nation about this important thing and only singing the same song against America. There is no such discussion what would be repercussions if we execute this diplomat.  I am sure today our media considering hero these murders but if any Pakistan murdered robbers in self-defense then that Pakistani would be hero.
Pakistan cannot be isolated from the World and one has to accept this reality that America is a super power of the World and if God forbid anything happens to Raymond Davis in Pakistan then people of this country will have to pay big price and we cannot even think of such devastation that America can do here in Pakistan. It is the American constitution which says she can go for war with any country for their single person. Those people who badly undermine the power of USA and they want to give lesson to USA with their emotions and nonsense and it will lead colossal devastation.
John Kerry arrives in Islamabad and his unscheduled visit reflects us the gravity of situation and USA can take its measures for Raymond Davis and he has also shared the message of President Obama who seeking Pakistan to release Raymond Davis and honor the Vienna Convention.
We must think and rethink on this nonsense approach not accepting the fact  because India would be benefited if anything stall comes in our strategic partnership.
Written by: Majid Maqsood
Source: pakspectator
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