Suicides in Pakistan is increasing very fast

The ratio of suicides in Pakistan is increasing very fast. Pakistan is an Islamic state and this extreme action is condemned in Islam and declared as ‘Haraam’ (not allowed). If we talk about the Pakistani law about suicides and deliberate-self harm these are punishable acts with jail. Some disheartens take this extreme step due to different reasons but the main and most important reason is poverty.
The ratio of suicides in poor people is much higher than the middle class and elate class people. So it means that poverty is the real causes of this extreme step. In sub causes these include unemployment, insufficient income to fulfill the expenditures, lack of resources, mental illness and some other sub-causes.
There is not any official organization who can count the number of suicides and who can give statistics about suicides in Pakistan and who can know about the causes of this extreme act. But through the electronic media, print media and thought other resources of news we hear and read about the suicide news daily. Mostly the news about suicides are reported from the big cities, like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Larkana, Quetta and some other big cities, but this is a fact that most of suicides are not reported because they are from small cities, and villages, because there are no representatives of electronic and print media in that small cities and villages. In Pakistan there are three most common methods of suicides these are hanging, insecticides and firearms.
Unemployment and poverty are the old problems of Pakistan and due to this reason Pakistanis finishing their lives from a long time. In previous years the number of suicides is low but with the start of this “democratic” government the number of suicides is increased too much and now becoming major public health problem in Pakistan and increasing with rise of a new sun daily. In 2010, highest number of suicides cases is recorded in Pakistan. Through media, NGOs and some other un-official reports since January 2010 till now more than 1900 cases of suicides are reported and these figures and reports also says that these are highest ever suicides in the 63 year history of Pakistan. The main reason of suicides reported in these are unemployment, poverty, increasing prices of daily goods and frustration. Suicide bombers are not included in these figures. But as I said that these sources cannot collect the number of suicides from every city and every village of Pakistan so the number of suicides may be much higher than these figures.
As we know that rise in prices of fundamental needs and poverty are directly proportional to each other. So when the prices of the common use things are increased the poverty is also increased and poverty is the main and major reason of suicides. The current report prepared by an un-official organization reported that the prices of common use goods are increased up to 150% - 200% in these two and half years and economic development is zero. It seems that this “democratic” political, public government wants to suck each drop of blood of the public. People need food to stay alive, but the things are going out of the range of a common man.
Some people adopt the way of crime due to unemployment and poverty and some who cannot do this they take the extreme step of suicides. Both of these ways are wrong and condemnable. Suicide is not the solution. Some time when the father takes the extreme step of suicide he doesn’t think about his children and wife. He thought that i am going to be free from all tensions and frustrations but he don’t know that what will be the impact of this act on his children.
This is very easy to say that suicide is a haraam act and should not do this. But a poor person loves his/her life same as a rich person and this is the most difficult thing to finish his life with his own hands. A person takes this extreme step when he knew that now all doors are closed from everywhere and now there is not a tiny beam of hope. He tries his best to solve his problems and face his problems but when he sees gloom everywhere he do this haraam act.
In despite to all the reasons, tensions, frustrations and other reasons the suicide is a biggest sin and should avoid from this act. We should hope well from Allah almighty. Knowing the causes and fishing that is the real solution of the problem of suicide. This is our responsibility to stand against the anti-public policies of government and all of us should see inside our society and help those people who cannot afford the expenditures due to lack of resources and who are living hand to mouth. We should break the silence now otherwise our “democracy” and corrupt leaders will continue to take our lives.
Written by: Sohail Zafar
Source: apnisiasat
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