Providing your child the unconditional love

What makes a person to be a good parent? This would definitely the common raised question to a lot of wannabe parents. Though, not all parents are the typical role model to their children, a lot are working hard to be one. The road to good parenting is definitely achievable but it takes of a lot of heart and responsibility to do so.
It is not an inborn skill but a passion developed through your love to your children and a devotion of being a parent. Simply saying that it is more than by just being so generous by giving a lot of cool baby clothes to your child, it is the affection and care you give to your children.

How to become a good parent? This is definitely the challenge to all parents. It may not seem to be an easy task but anyone can definitely achieve that. Parenting is everything when it comes to raising your children. It has no ending to when you should stop as being parent to your child. It is a lifetime responsibility. And whatever you have imparted to your children will be your most dear legacy to them.

Providing your child the unconditional love and care is really important to make them feel they are special and make them emphasize their worth and importance to your household. Encourage them to be productive. Introduce them to worthwhile activities. This way, your child can easily distinguish the important task than those are not.

Provide appropriate time for your child. You may be a working mom but it is not an excuse to risk the time you should have been spending with your kids. It is not enough to give them all the material things they need such as the cool baby clothes and others. Being there all the time for your child can create the sense of openness and togetherness. There are kids who do not share their problems to their parents because they do not see them as trusted people. Avoid this problem by being there to them when they need you.

Be reasonable with your disciplining style. As much as possible impose limitation and boundaries. Even if they have been given with a lot of cool baby clothes before, it is not reasonable to drown them with material things. Show consistency on disciplining them. Be firm with the rules you have set at home and exercise it always. Your child is seeing you as his role model. The moment you falter in enforcing your roles, it may affect them greatly.

Show and teach them the sense of responsibility. The younger they are that you have assigned responsibility; the more they can build self worth and confidence. It is important that teaching them this will also be understood by your children that whatever action they do will be their sole responsibility.

Always remember as a parent that material things alone will not suffice the needs of your child. You may be giving him cool baby stuffs before, but it will never complete him as a person with importance, worth and love.
Source: Buzzle
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