Spring is on its way but sad-faced snowdrop can't raise a smile

Spring is on its way but sad-faced snowdrop can't raise a smileWe are moving towards the joys of spring but this rare variety of snowdrop prefers to look rather glum. The 'Grumpy' snowdrop - or snow-strop as it has been dubbed - is proving such a big hit with galanthophiles, snowdrop collectors, that they are willing to pay a staggering £100 for a single bulb. When the snowdrop - or snow-strop as it has been dubbed - comes in to flower, two green eyes and a mouth turned down at the edges naturally appear on one of its petals. The striking specimen was first discovered and then bred by galanthophile Joe Sharman in a Cambridge garden in 1990.
It is now among the national collection at the 70 acre Cambo estate in Fife, Scotland. It is one of many specialist varieties there but has become incredibly popular because of its miserable appearance.
The Grumpy variety - Galanthus elwesil in Latin - does not multiply as quickly as other types of snowdrops which has put prices up. The snowdrops across the land have just started to emerge after a snowy winter and are a huge draw for visitors.
Lady Catherine Erskine, from the Cambo estate near St Andrews, said: 'We have the national collection of snowdrops here. 'You can walk through fields of them down to the sea and they are very beautiful. There are hundreds of varieties and new specialist ones such as Grumpy do emerge. What happens is that someone will notice the patterns on one that they like and they will split the bulb or twin scale it. This will produce more of the same, but Grumpy does not increase in number as many other varieties. It is very popular though and one bulb can cost almost £100. They are a great way to introduce children to gardening because they look like faces. Snowdrops are out for a relatively long time and are increasingly popular for people to collect.' 
Source: mailonline
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