Vault Xbox 360 armor from Calibur11 at CES 2011

You get to see a lot of cool things at CES, some from companies you know and trust, and some that are brand new. This looks to be the case for Calibur11. Their Vault collection appears to be some sort of protective armor for an XBox 360. Just imagine if you had to send your XBox 360 to play hockey, then this is what you would want to send it out in.

On closer inspection of their catalog, I believe that Cailbur11 wants their Vault series to be more than just for protection, perhaps even decoration. In addition to that special edition version, Calibur11 wants to accessorize the Xbox 360 with Name Plates that can be chosen from ten background templates. The user can also add their own tag line as well. In the summertime will be announced some “acessory packs”.
You should be able to get the Base Vault in five colors sometime around March 2011 for a price of $59.99. As for the MLG Edition, that will launch at about the same time for about $89.99.
Source: coolestgadgets
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