‘HTC Hero’ a 3G smartphone - Review

The HTC Hero is a beautifully designed touch screen phone which has a truly stylish look & design. The casing is 11.2cm tall by 5.62cm wide by 1.43cm deep & it weighs 135 grams which gives it a solid & high quality feel. The Hero is a 3G Smartphone which is from the same HTC family as other popular handsets which include the HTC Snap & the HTC Magic.
This 3G Smartphone comes with a very large touch screen which measures 3.2 Inches when measured diagonally & the user can view up to 65 thousand colours on this touch screen. This display has a 320 pixel by 480 pixel screen resolution which provides a beautifully crystal clear display. The user can enjoy a multi touch input method on their touch screen. The Hero comes with 288 megabytes of RAM memory & 512 megabytes of ROM memory. The user can insert a memory card to extend their Smartphone's memory capabilities if required. The HTC Hero has a Qualcomm® processor which comes complete with an Android® operating system which supports a HTC Sense™ user interface.
The HTC Hero incorporates a personalisation feature which allows the user to personalise their phone & menus complete with widgets on the home screen. The Hero supports a HTC Scenes feature which allows the user to use their phone in different scenes to suit the users business & personal needs which provide the user with different features which are easy to reach using the scene feature. The user can communicate with friends & colleagues using the messaging service which are built into this stylish Smartphone. A text message service known as SMS messaging allows the user to create & share a message complete with text. The hero has a built in email service which allows the user to communicate freely with their personal contacts & business contacts via email. A MMS service allows the user to create a message which can contain a picture or video with text input & sound for a fun way to share experiences with compatible MMS contacts. The HTC Hero supports a built in instant messaging service which allows the user to share text & symbols input messages in an instant with instant messaging compatible contacts, which is an online communication similar to an instant messaging service the user will be familiar to on their computer. The user can make a call, share messages & even share experiences with others via Facebook. The Hero supports online connection allowing the user to enjoy communicating with friends via Facebook or Flickr. The HTC Hero supports a GPS navigation feature which allows the user to easily locate nearby places & gain direction to their desired location.
An integrated camera feature allows the user to capture still pictures which can be shared with others or stored for viewing at a later time. This camera has a 5 megapixel lens which is located on the back of the casing & this camera supports an automatic focus feature which will ensure a well focused picture is captured each time the camera is used. The user can play video footage on their Hero 3G Smartphone & enjoy high quality video playback in MPEG4, H263, H264 & Windows Media® 9 format for a DVD type video playing experience. If that wasn't enough entertainment then the user can also enjoy playing their favourite tunes on their HTC Hero as the built in music player supports a high quality sound experience waiting to be enjoyed by the user. This music player supports music playback in many formats which include MP3, MIDI, AAC,WAV & Windows Media® 9 to name a few. The user can download new tunes or transfer their CVD's onto their HTC Hero using the connectivity option available. The user can download new ringtones or transfer ringtones from other devices including other mobile phones when the user wishes to hear a new style ringtone each time a call comes in. The HTC Hero supports polyphonic sound, WAV & MP3 format ringtones.
This stunning 3G Smartphone comes with an integrated HTML Internet browser which allows the user to access all their favourite web sites on their mobile Smartphone. The user can connect to other devices such as their computer, a printer or another mobile phone by using a Bluetooth® wireless connection or a USB cabled connection. The user can connect to other devices to transfer files between devices. The HTC Hero supports GPRS & EDGE which allows means the user can enjoy high speed transfer rates when transferring files between the Hero & other devices. The handset supports 3G HSDPA & HSCSD which provides the user with high speed connectivity when desired. A rechargeable fitted battery can provide up to seven hours of 3G talk time or up to eight hours of GSM talk time for the user to enjoy when on the move. The phones built in Wi-Fi® technology allows the user to connect their Smartphone to a close by hotspot connection or a local wireless LAN in the office or at home providing a wireless connection to the Internet. The Hero works over a HSDPA 900 & HSDPA 2100 network as well as covering GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900 network coverage. The user can enjoy worldwide roaming on the HTC Hero but the full network coverage depends on the users chosen network operate so may vary from handset to handset.
HTC Hero Specifications & Features
3.2 Inch 65k Colour TFT LCD Touch Screen (320 x 480 Pixels)
5 Megapixel Camera
Auto Focus
Camera Setting
Photo Album
Video Recorder
Video Player (MPEG4, H263, H264 & Windows Media® 9)
SMS (Text Messaging)
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Instant Messaging
Music Player (MP3, MIDI, AAC, AMR, WAV, AAC & Windows Media® 9)
Polyphonic, WAV & MP3 Ringtones
Downloadable Games
Phone Book
Alarm Clock
Document Viewer
GPS Navigation
Multi Touch Input Method
Qualcomm® Processor
Android® Operating System
HTC Sense™ User Interface
Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
HSDPA 900 & 2100
HTML Browser
Memory & Talk Time
288 Mbytes RAM, 512 Mbytes ROM plus MicroSD™ Memory Card
8 Hours GSM Talk Time
7 Hours 3G Talk Time
440 Hours GSM Standby Time
750 Hours 3G Standby Time
Weight & Size
135 g
112 x 56.2 x 14.35 mm
Source: MP Reviews
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