Shah Rukh Khan have recently adorned a tattoo

Celebrities having tattoos on their bodies have become an old thing, but there are some personalities who are doing this recently. Shah Rukh Khan is one of them who have recently adorned a tattoo to prove something to the world.
Has the superstar decided to express his love for a certain someone with the letter ' D' engraved on his right arm? Or maybe his act of getting inked is just a promotion stunt for his upcoming biggie Don 2. The mystery surrounding his ' D' tattoo is still unsolved.
However, it's not news that tattoos have been a rage with B- town celebrities for quite some time now. Whether it is actors like Deepika Padukone or Saif Ali Khan, who have sketched their bodies with their lovers' initials or name, or be it Akshay Kumar and Arjun Rampal, who have their kid's names stamped on themselves, the tattoo fever has now got on to King Khan.
Though the actor has not confirmed if the tattoo is a permanent one or not, he was spotted at several events, flaunting his new tattoo. However, we know that it's not a Shah Rukh Khan thing to adorn tattoos and prove something to the world.
The actor, in the past, has uploaded photos of his fully- tattooed body, but they turned out to be temporary tattoos to please his kids. However, the ongoing speculation about his ' D' tattoo hasn't got a clear confirmation and we're still guessing what led to the superstar getting inked.
Well, the reasons may be many. It can be his new stunt for promoting Don 2 or simply, a pure obsession with his favourite city Dubai. Whatever the reason, we all can only hope that the Baadshah of Bollywood is not promoting the home furnishing brand D'Decor, which is endorsed by him and wife, Gauri Khan.
Source: indiatoday

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