Improve Heart Health for Healthy Life

Increasing heart health is a simple way to reduce the likelihood of heart disease, cardiac arrest and other heart conditions and add years of healthy living. Although making dietary and lifestyle changes can seem daunting,
making small changes regularly is the best way to improve heart health and experience long-lasting positive effects. Small steps gradually add up to greater and greater health benefits and anyone can make basic changes to increase the health of heart.
Dietary Changes for Heart HealthNutrition is a major factor in heart health. Diets high in cholesterol, Trans fats and other unhealthy and sugary items can increase the risk of a heart attack or heart disease. However, making a major dietary overhaul can be stressful, and it is more likely to be unsuccessful if big changes are made all at once.
Talk to a doctor about small nutritional changes that can benefit heart health, and follow a few basic guidelines to make the changes gradual and successful. There are a few easy changes anyone can make to improve their heart health. Pick one area of nutrition to change each week or each month, and maintain those changes –within a few months, small changes can add up to big results.
Is Caffeine Bad for Your Heart?Although caffeine is a popular energy booster for many people, especially working people who need a jolt in the mornings, drinking too much soda pop and coffee can negatively affect heart health. Soda contains high levels of sugar that can lead to health problems, and specialty coffee drinks can be high in fat as well.
Limit daily caffeine intake to the equivalent of about three cups of coffee at the most. Focus on drinking a smaller amount of coffee or soda, or replacing an unhealthy beverage with a healthier one. For example, replacing regular milk with soymilk is an easy way to make lattes and cappuccinos healthier.
What are Heart Healthy Foods?A Mediterranean style diet is much better for heart health than a traditional meat and potatoes meal. Replacing steak and starch with fresh vegetables and fruits is a great way to lose weight and increase heart health. Remember to make small changes on a regular basis in order to make dietary changes more successful.
Snack smart when trying to improve heart health. Replace candy and sweets with healthier foods like fresh fruits and vegetables or nuts, which contain healthy protein and can improve concentration and energy throughout the day.
Exercise for a Healthy Heart
Ten minutes of exercise a day is something any individual can manage, and it can dramatically increase heart health and reduce the risk of heart diseases and problems. A few minutes of exercise can be slipped into a busy schedule, and that small change can make a big difference.
Simple exercises to increase heart health include
  • cardio exercises
  • brisk walks
  • tennis
  • yoga
Choose a simple exercise routine and commit to being active for at least ten minutes a day. Over a few weeks, increase the amount of time spent exercising. This will not only improve heart health, it will increase overall fitness.
In addition to making these small routine changes and dietary adjustments, commit to getting a solid seven hours of sleep each night. Good sleep is important for overall health, and it can help improve heart health. Small changes make a big difference in any lifestyle, and keeping a heart healthy is a simple but important way to stay well.
Source: Suite101
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