Review of Sony’s new Nex-5 Camera

The Sony NEX-5 is one of two models in Sony’s new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera range, the NEX-5 is the more expensive of the two models and come with more features.
The Sony NEX-5 features a 14.2 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, and Sony’s E-mount lens system,
it has an ISO range of 200 to 12,800 and it is capable of recording HD video in 1080i at 60 frames per second. There is a 3 inch LCD display on the rear of the camera, which can be tilted, the display features a 9210,000 dot resolution, and it also comes with a compact clip on flash.
The Sony Nex-5 uses Sony’s E-mount system, which you can use specific E mount lenses with and also a range of Sony Alpha lenses using an optional adapter.
Design And Functions
The Nex-5 isn’t much larger than many of the compact cameras on the market today, I was quite surprised how small it was without the lens, but as soon as you add on the standard 18-5mm lens, it adds quite a bit of weight to the camera, although it still feels compact and light when compared to a DSLr.
The design of the camera is very nice, and it certainly feels like a well built camera, it takes a bit of getting used to using all the different functions on the Nex-5 and controlling all the menu options is done on the display.
The menu screen is pretty good, and you can easily navigate though all the different settings, there are quite a few different standard shooting modes to choose from as well as some manual ones where you can choose the majority of the settings you want to adjust yourself.
The Nex-5 has a nice range of features and settings for shooting different types of photos as well as shooting video, one of these features is a Panorama mode, that will let you shoot a range of photos in progression, the camera then stiches them together to produce a panoramic photo, you can see and example of this below.
Picture Quality
The picture quality on the NEX-5 is pretty impressive, it does a great job at creating sharp and clear photos at the lower end of the ISO range, when you start going above ISO 6400 you tend to notice a bit more of a loss of detail.
There are a wide range of different shooting modes on the NEX-5 including manual, shutter priority, aperature priority, program auto, intelligent auto, plus a range of scene selection modes, which are designed for different conditions.
The majority of these modes do a good job at taking decent photo’s, and the ability to choose which setting you want to adjust in the manual mode is definitely a plus, and it makes the Nex-5 feel closer to a DSLR than a compact camera.
What we liked about the Sony Nex-5 is that you get many of the features that you would find on a DSLR, the ability to change lenses when you need to, plus the range of features on offer make the NEX-5 an excellent camera.
Don’t expect it to replace you DSLR, as you wont find all the functionality and customization that you would in a DSLR, but it could be used as an alternative in a lot of situations. The portability is a definite plus point, and I would definitely use the NEX-5 over a compact camera, as you get a lot more flexibility it how it can be used.
I would say the Nex-5 is ideal for people who want more than a compact camera, but don’t want to go for a full DSLR, Sony have done a pretty good job with it, and I have to admit I was quite impressed with my overall experience with the Sony Nex-5.
Source: Geeky Gadgets
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