Perfect family should be bound with love

Effective parenting and a warm home is possible only with help of a mother. Living in an advanced and developing scenario, mothers have become helpless and are forced to challenge the competing life style. Here are ten tips that would help to shape up and get back to a fine stream of parenting, becoming a good mother. 1. Love based relationshipA perfect family should be bound with love. It acts as a bridge among family members, and mother holds a primary responsibility in showing love.
This help the child become strong in mind and creates hope to get along. It helps to guide and shape in accordance to good practices.
2. Be a good TeacherLearning through mother at home becomes a base for a child and it helps as a reference point in their life to face challenges and become successful. Every child is unique, and a teacher is expected to balance the approach of teaching, ensuring that the child learns and understands. Do not be a rude teacher; it may affect the learning phase.
3. Listen to your child - It helpsChildren expect their mother or father to listen to them when they talk. As mothers spend more time watching the child, listening to them attentively and acknowledging helps them to be connected. It also helps to understand the skill and knowledge.
4. You need to be a Role ModelWhen a mother is a teacher, then it is imperative for her to set an example before her child. Remember, whatever the child observes, and learns through a mother in the young age, would reflect in them as they grow. Hence, watch all your actions and talks. Let it be refined and be respectful
5. Spend time and shareFor a working woman, it is difficult to divide her time. Have a schedule and be available on a daily basis to spend time with the child. Sit with them, play and talk. Though it is a less time spent, it becomes a routine and helps them to cope up. Needles to say, mothers at home have all the time, so use it.
6. Avoid what you have to avoidLiving habits varies from home to home. Children should not be exposed to certain practices and behaviors at home that you think is not right. Keep them away and never give opportunity for them to know and ask questions later.
7. Help and guide your childBe a positive mother, and guide your child when required. If the child encounters a problem, help them to understand what caused the problem and how to avoid it in the future. Provide alternate solutions and help them get away. Interfere when required and coach.
8. Maintain discipline at homeRules made by mothers at home are to be strictly followed by their children. Get them adapt to it, and make it easier to follow. Announce disciplinary actions if there would be deviation and let them know that your words cannot be taken for granted.
9. Motivate and AppreciateInspire and motivate your child in all the best ways possible. If you find them good at something, appreciate. Work with them to enhance their skills and educate to excel.
10. Life style and Family valueBuilding a home is like building an empire. Traditional values and living style are transformed to children through their parents. Mother plays an important role in educating their children in understanding their life style and values of their families that help them to cope with the world.
Attention and care to a child is the vital component in up-bringing. Mothering is succeeded by devoting her time, love, affection and meeting all needs of a child. Parenting is a cyclic process and, some or several traits may be influenced through generations. However, an individual's experience, age, background and education contribute for being a good mother.
Source: Ezine
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