Mysterious Caves Project in London

Scientists have been baffled by the appearance of a mysterious cave at West India Quay, London. It is believed that a light earthquake unearthed the cave which is estimated to be over 10 million years old, but scientists cannot explain the intense glow of green lights emitting from its depths.

By now, you should have guessed that intro is nothing more than a fiction, with its sole purpose of making this optical illusion little more interesting.
What you see below is a 3D Chalk Drawing, created by world-class pavement artist Edgar Müller, whose works we posted on many occasions before. If you remember Ice Age chalk drawing, or maybe that Lava Burst optical illusion – Edgar was responsible for both! His newest creation was exhibited on West India Quay’s Festival in London. It’s hard to imagine you could easily walk over this huge cave, and that concrete pavement is still lying beneath. It took 5 days for Edgar to finish this project. Below is the “Behind the Scenes” gallery, where you can see the work in progress.

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