Riya Sen Out of Work and Upset

Riya Sen Walks out of show in a huff after contestants insist on talking about her ex Ashmit Patel.Riya Sen doesn't take too kindly to any mention of her ex, Ashmit Patel. This was most apparent at the live shoot of MTV's Crunch, an online show that has the size of rooms that house two or three participants at a time grow smaller and smaller. The actress was committed to spending almost a day (11am-7pm) in the room as part of her promotions for an upcoming Bengali film.
She stormed out in 20-odd minutes! Says an insider present on the sets, " She entered the room at 11 am and was supposed to be there till 7 pm. There were these two contestants James and Shakespeare, already present in the room. They soon got talking." While making conversation, one question the actress asked was how they spent the time. When told that they had to do certain tasks, one in particular stood out. They had been asked to enact scenes from the latest Bigg Boss season.
You know the one featuring a certain Mr Patel?Every time the name came up, Riya shot a cold stare at the camera before cutting the boys off with a "Let's discuss this later." She even stared at the camera, addressing the in-house celebrity manager saying, "I'll have a word with you later." The actress looked visibly upset, eventually storming out at around 11.30 am. When she left the sets in a huff, she kept asking the manager why the two guys needed to bring Ashmit up.While the day's events will only make it to TV the next day at 8 pm, the producers of the show haven't decided if they will air the walkout or not. A call on the matter will be taken today morning.
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