Record HD Video with Spy Pen - Launched by Thanko

Thanko has recently launched a new and greatly updated version of popular Spy Pen with a few new features. I believe you would to have after realizing what can I do for you. This new same size and style pen can now record video of HD quality footage at a resolution of 1,280 x 960 and at 30 fps. Previously they launched this pen last year with the no/off switch located in the cap of the pen.
However the new Spy Pen now saves energy and video storage on its intergal Micro SD by only recording when it detects motion.

  1. The video is stored in the AVI format on microSD cards (32GB max.)
  2. It can later be transferred to a computer via off course mini USB 2.0. 
  3. The built in battery will provide around 75 minutes of recording time and a 1GB Micro SD card
  4. Memory Card is capable of holding 30 minutes of recordings. 
  5. The new updated SPy Pen is available now on the Thanko (JP) website for $61.
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