Back pain is often exacerbated by tension in the neck

Office Yoga techniques for back pain can help to ease chronic tension and stress in the shoulders, neck, arms, upper back, and lower back. The tension that is created by sitting for long periods of time at a desk, doing repetitive movements like typing, can be mitigated by a regular practice of Office Chair Yoga.
Back pain is often exacerbated by tension in the neck, shoulders, and arms.

The following are three Office Chair Yoga techniques that will help to ease back pain. Companies who seek an office Yoga specialist would do well to hire a certified chair Yoga teacher specialist.

Elongated Back Stretch
Push your chair an arm's length away from your desk. Before you begin, take three long, slow, deep breaths through your nose. Exhale each breath fully before inhaling your next breath. Five counts up with an inhale and five counts down with your exhale. Slowly exhale and sink into the stretch. Stretch only as far as is comfortable and hold this chair Yoga posture for three complete breaths. Repeat two more times.
Seated Spinal Twist
This Yoga pose is a great way to release tension all through your back, arms, and neck. Sit squarely on your chair with your feet planted on the floor. Take one deep inhale. As you exhale, slowly twist to the right by placing your left hand on the outside of your right knee and coil your right hand around onto the middle of the back of your chair. Continue to breath. With each exhale twist a little deeper to the right and with each inhale allow your body to gently release a little toward the front of your chair. Release the pose and repeat on the other side.

Seated Hip Stretch
Releasing tension in your hips will help to release the tension and pain in your lower back. Take three long, deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling for five counts each. Slowly, place your right foot on top of your left knee and bend forward until you feel a nice stretch. 


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