Movie preview - Tanu Weds Manu

The movie Tanu weds Manu is a fun filled one with the basic storyline of a foreign returned Indian guy desperately looking for a young decent and sober Indian girl to marry and take off with her abroad soon.
Thus Madhavan plays the role of Manoj Sharma who is a very intelligent young NRI who has the best qualities of a young bachelor and someone whom every young girl would just love to get married to and settle down with.
Manoj is basically settled in London and still has the great quality of listening to what his parents want him to do. He has the degree of a physician and just adores old Bollywood songs and is a passionate reader. However he is someone who would run at the mention of loud vociferous music and being surrounded by people is not his cup of tea.
However, in order to satisfy his parents’ wishes he comes to India and lands in the city of Kanpur where he is to meet a girl called Tanu, who has all the qualities that this Manoj hates from the bottom of his heart.
Thus begins the fun element in the movie. Now Tanu played by Kangana Ranaut is a very rebellious gal and having studied in Delhi she has an independent thought process. She does not believe in the institution of an arranged marriage and loves to do daring things which almost scandalize her parents and relatives.
The paths of these two protagonists, that is Tanu and Manu (Manoj Sharma) keep crossing and the storyline goes about into very interesting plots with the inevitable happening. That is Manu starts getting attracted to the very vociferous Manu despite himself.
The movie is a great one as far as situational comedy is concerned and reports are that every scene has been shot wonderfully with all actors having done a great job.
Source: newspostline
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