Kangana shows off a secret tattoo inked on her chest

Kangana Ranaut shows off a secret tattoo that is inked on her chest in her next film Tanu Weds Manu. The actress plays a carefree, bindaas girl in the film who is dead against an arranged marriage but her parents choose a NRI doctor for her, played by Madhavan.
So Kangana gets a tattoo on her chest which goes with her bold gal nature. The tattoo says ‘Awasthi’, her boyfriend’s name in the film, and in one scene she lowers her kurta to flaunt the tattoo on her chest to shock the boy who has come to marry her.
It’s learnt that Kangana was not quite sure of the scene, but as she is a thorough professional, she gave it a try and got a temporary henna tattoo on the upper part of her breast especially for the scene. In fact, she used to get the tattoo daily for continuous three days till the scene was finally canned.
That’s the secret of tattoo! 
Source: apunkachoice
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