Vivek and Priyanka are going to the Red Sea for their honeymoon

Vivek and Priyanka Oberoi head to the Red Sea in January to spend their special time together

Come January, Vivek Oberoi and his wife Priyanka will be off to the Red Sea for their eco-friendly honeymoon.

Responsible tourists

Says a source close to VO, "Priyanka and her family have always supported causes that help protect the environment and ecosystem.

The eco-conscious couple had ensured that the wedding invite and the bag carrying the invite were made from handmade herbs and that the scroll was made from 100 per cent recycled materials.

As far as choosing a honeymoon destination was concerned, it was Priyanka who suggested they go in for responsible tourism."

Elaborating on 'responsible travel' the source says, "Vivek and Priyanka are going to the Red Sea for their honeymoon.

Eco-friendly companies that arrange holidays for people, use a certain percentage to rehabilitate ecologically damaged places like jungles where wildlife is endangered, beaches where turtle breeding have been hampered and coral reefs that are dying out.

The couple is going on a tour organised by one such company."

Apparently, Priyanka likes responsible travel. "Priyanka brought it to Vivek's notice that one could be environmentally responsible while on holiday too.

Their company will give a percentage of their travel fees to maintaining beaches and marine life. Vivek will perform for New Year in Dubai and then take a yacht in the middle of the Red Sea to spend his honeymoon."

Even as Vivek Oberoi is busy planning his honeymoon, a recent story on a TV channel has left him and his family feeling disgusted.

Apparently, the channel stated that the actor invited them to cover his honeymoon and share bedroom secrets at a huge price.

A source close to VO fumes, "Vivek has always been very protective about his family and even kept his wedding a private affair.

How could he invite the channel for his honeymoon in return for money? He plans to send a legal notice to the channel.

The Oberois are extremely hurt. The channel even put up the story on Twitter as a trending topic. If the channel doesn't respond to the legal notice, VO will sue for defamation.

He wants to send a strong and clear message that his family is off limits!"
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