Ranbir's drama to meet Deepika at midnight

MUMBAI: Two months ago, Deepika was startled to discover ex-lover Ranbir standing in her building compound, pleading with the watchman that he wanted to meet her. What did he want?

What can be more uncomfortable than your ex-lover dropping in to pay you a visit, especially when you have moved on and are seeing someone else? That's exactly what happened with Prakash Padukone's daughter, Deepika, who is now dating liquor baron Vijay Mallya's son Siddhartha. Her ex-lover Ranbir Kapoor suddenly dropped in to meet her in the middle of the night.

This happened two months ago. At 12.45 am, Ranbir Kapoor came to Deepika's building to meet her. The actor was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. Though Ranbir insisted that he wanted to meet her, Deepika was in no mood to let him in. Consequently, the guard on duty did not permit Ranbir to go upstairs. But Ranbir was in no mood to relent either.

Ranbir kept convincing the guard that he should go lax on the rules. Says a source, "But rules are rules in Cozy Home Apartments (which incidentally is a stone's throw away from Ranbir's bungalow, Krishna Raj, in Pali Hill).

No outsider, however big or familiar he may be, is allowed without the permission of the person he is visiting. The guard stuck to his duty like a true soldier."

Ranbir then did the next obvious thing. He started calling Deepika on her phone. Says an eyewitness, "Ranbir was overheard telling Deepika, 'Please allow me to come up. I am sorry. I want to explain.'"

Unable to cope with the situation and now wanting the drama to end, Deepika eventually allowed him in, but not before Ranbir had to wait down in the compound for a good half-hour. The clock had struck 1.15 am by then. "After meeting her, Ranbir drove away at 1.45 am," revealed the witness.

Adds the witness, "This late night visit by Ranbir in Cozy Home Apartments is rather surprising. He used to come very frequently earlier to this place, when he was dating Deepika. But after they split in October 2009, he had completely stopped coming."
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