JCB is the world’s roughest, toughest phone

The JCB Toughphone Sitemaster — yes, the industrial digger people have branched out — claims to be the most resilient mobile in the world. The company makes some bold claims. Apparently, it can survive underwater for eight hours; can endure heat of 75C and below freezing temperatures of -30C; and is able to withstand extreme vibration and compression.
If the Toughphone were a person, it’d be climbing Everest and swimming the Atlantic.
The JCB one is right at the other end of the spectrum — what Jeremy Clarkson would call ‘the most incredible phone in the world’.
Encased in chunky bright yellow and black plastic and rubber, the Toughphone is a little thicker than a standard mobile and only slightly heavier at 130g. But it’s certainly macho.
When you turn it on, you’re greeted with a cartoon picture of a JCB digger. The ‘ring tone’ is the sound of a real JCB revving up. It’s aimed primarily at people who work outdoors — on building sites or farms — but that’s not to say it doesn’t have any mod-cons. It plays music and videos, offers Bluetooth connectivity to other phones and computers and has an FM radio (though no camera).
Reflecting its target market, there’s also a torch, a laser pointer and a tool that translates measurements from centimetres to inches. If there’s no power point nearby, it has a wind-up charger, too. But the main purpose of this phone is to be tough. So it is decided to put it to the test . . .
SWIMMING POOLCLAIM: It’s water-resistant
It is tested in local swimming pool. A couple of lengths in, a call is made while standing at the shallow end. The sound quality is pretty good. The line is slightly muffled, but it’s easily good enough to have a long conversation. A fellow swimmer walks past in his Speedos and sees me. His face is a mixture of bafflement and irritation.
STEAM ROOMCLAIM: It can withstand 48 hours at 70C and 90 per cent-relative humidity
Time to relax in the steam room. Speedo Man is already there and looks bemused as the phone out for another call. After ten minutes of exit. The phone — though still a bit steamy inside — is fine.
HOT SAUNACLAIM: It can survive temperatures up to 75C
Surely no mobile can survive the heat of a sauna? When a call is made, the sound quality is a little muffled — the phone is clearly not entirely watertight.
 SHAMPOO AND SHOWERCLAIM: Can be sprayed with salt water continuously for 24 hours
Soap, shampoo, hot water. Phone still fine.
STEAM ROLLERCLAIM: Can withstand a tonne of pressure
It is placed under the wheel of 1.6-tonne Saab. The engine is started and then over it, back and forth, five times. The screen hasn’t cracked and there is not even a dent — just a tiny scratch on the back.
THE BIG DROPCLAIM: Will survive being dropped 6ft on all of its six surfaces or all four corners
The phone is thrown from a first-floor window on to the ground, 12ft below and twice the height claimed by JCB. It bounces and is fine.
BURIED IN SANDCLAIM: Dust-resistant, and the non-porous casing withstands micro-particles
The JCB phone is burried deep in the sand for about ten minutes before roughly digging it up with a plastic trowel. Not a scratch — but the picture on the screen is looking funny, as if the edges have stopped working. It is suspected it’s delayed water damage. Still, a call is made and the sound is perfectly clear.
IN THE FREEZERCLAIM: Works after experiencing temperatures of -30C
It goes into the freezer, with the frozen peas and ice cream for two hours. When it is out, it’s fully functional — although it’s not much fun ­having to hold a block of ice next to your ear.
The Toughphone has survived torture with water, heat, dirt and soap. But what about meeting all of these foes at the same time? Into the washing machine at 40C it goes, with my gym kit, a few towels and sheets, some Fairy non-bio detergent and ­fabric softener.
Source: mailonline
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