Bringing Motivation to Pakistani Youth: Jihadis, Moderates and Hero Zaid Hamid

The state of affairs in Pakistan is pretty bleak these days. There are different quarters attempting to spread their own brand of messages. The jihadis are on an all out war footing against the State. Different national and international organizations have joined forces to challenge the writ of the government. The recent bust by police, for example, in Lahore in which more than 1,500 kg of explosives was discovered from a shop, indicates that local jihadi organizations in Punjab have developed links with forces like national and foreign Taliban who are already creating havoc inside the country.

Then there are the so-called "Moderates" who generally belong to the elite class but love everything about the western culture. The biggest regret they have is that they were born inside Pakistan but reluctantly have to call themselves Pakistanis as it impossible to change one's origin and color. Their message to the youth is to follow the West in practically every way possible. In all practicality they are the desi goras (local whites) trying to impress upon the youth to shed culture, religion, language and history.
And finally there are people like Zaid Hamid, who are trying their level best to fire up the moral of the nation. They are specially targeting the youngsters who generally have identity problems; they are obsessed by the western and Indian media, but wish to have an identity of their own.
I appreciate Zaid Hamid's efforts but in the course of raising the moral of the nation, one must not feed the nation with exaggerated euphoria. Zaid basically uses Muslim history and Islamic principles to bring motivation to the disappointed masses. Knowing history would certainly increase the moral of the nation but it is not enough to guarantee future success.
The future would depend on the way our youth carries itself in terms of practically acting upon the morals and principles recognized internationally and propagated by most major religions of the world. Having Islamic identity would certainly help, but the youth should be told truth at all times no matter what. The propensity to self-critique must always be there so that the youngsters are aware of the areas where our ancestors were wrong and are not engulfed by dangerous thoughts of world dominance as spread by some. In addition to having the correct historical perspective, they should also be aware of the current mistakes and short-comings of our country so that the youth tries to improve on that and bring a better tomorrow for their children.

Source: Ezine
: Ezine

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