Biggest Excalibur Climbing Wall of its type

What you are seeing here is the Excalibur at Klimcentrum Bjoeks, in the town of Groningen, The Netherlands. It has the largest climbing wall in the world, which measures at 121 feet (37 meters) with an overhang of 36 feet (11 meters). Some people have to admit that it has one of the strangest shapes that they have ever seen, and they can’t help but wonder what it reminds them of. Hmmm….Anyway, it looks like a very difficult climb.

Just imagine a strong Dutch wind blowing this thing over, crushing the cars in the parking lot. Try explaining that one to your auto insurance agent. In case you were wondering how these shots were taken, according to source, they were taken by a Flickr user named Eric Kieboom using a Canon IXUS 850IS suspended from a kite. They turned out pretty well, actually.
Source: CoolestGadget
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