Is Jennifer Aniston Dating a younger man?

Jennifer Aniston swears she's not dating John Mayer again, but is she dating a younger mystery man? The actress was spotted out at a romantic dinner Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood and sources say the two were canoodling up a storm. A fellow diner who noticed the pair said: "Jennifer was at a cozy corner table with a good looking younger man.
She was twirling her hair a lot and flirting shamelessly. Jennifer looked really good. She had on white jeans and a sexy black tank top. When her mystery date left for the restroom, she took the opportunity to primp by reapplying her lipstick."
Despite the face the couple seemed to be getting on well, onlookers noticed that Jennifer showed some signs of lacking confidence in herself. The source added to “She looked a little nervous, putting her hair up in a loose bun and laughing at everything he said."
The pair, who enjoyed dinner, drinks and dessert at the restaurant, reportedly got closer as the night progressed and at one point the Switch actress moved right next to her date to look through photos on his iPhone. Onlookers said the pair were so immersed in their conversation that they didn’t finish their dessert.
After the mystery hunk “picked up the whole check" the pair left separately – he in his Jeep while Jennifer slipped out a back door.
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