Ajay Devgn fined for smoking in public

Ajay Devgn will have to pay rupees hundred as a fine for smoking at a public place in Goa. Ajay was shooting in Goa in the month of May for his upcoming film Golmaal 3, when he was caught smoking in Public. The police confirmed that a fine notice has been issued against the actor after the complaint was filed by the Director of Health Services.
Ajay was spotted smoking in public by a non-governmental organisation called National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE), who then brought the violation to the notice of The Directorate of Health Services.
The police has confirmed the issue after verifying the fact through a photograph published in a local newspaper. NOTE was happy with the instant action of the police against the actor, and expressed its views telling that though the fine amount is less, but at least Ajay will realise his mistake and next time will not violate the law.
NOTE also stated that strict actions should be taken against habitual offenders who dare to violate the law, and Ajay Devgn is one of them. Earlier in January, the actor was finned for smoking in public place in Chandigarh.
Well, Ajay Devgn being a public figure should keep in mind that his actions and style is followed by crores of fans all over the world, and by showcasing his bad habits in public, the actor may end giving a bad example to the people.
Source: (wateen.net)
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