Ultimate Fashion Collection by Karma

One dreams of being wrapped in pure excellence ,with lush fabric flowing to the rhythmic beats of your footstep and only one name has truly achieved that pinnacle in the past decade ,Karma, A widely recognized brand name Karma has strategically made a strong  position for themselves in the market and has attained clientele bliss. A leading fashion house in Pakistan Karma has everything to offer from elegant silhouettes to cutting edge fashion trends.
Oozing with star power glamour, jaw dropping clothes and complete retail experience Karma can be categorized into three brands namely Karma Pink, Karma Couture and Karma wedding each brand offering something unique and exquisite.
Available in Pakistan England, The US and The Middle East Karma has won the hearts of several consumers with their strong aesthetics and unparalleled professionalism. Winning the coveted Lux Style Award three times in the past five years Karma has established its untainted reputation as the design house bursting with creativity and dexterity.
With their main objective focused on the fact that their existence does not mean that they are here to merely dress up women but to coronate them as” The Karma woman”. A multi facetted individual The Karma Woman can be anyone from a powerhouse at work, an alluring socialite, an incendiary teenager, a Jane Austen fan or a Soap Opera addict.
The Karma woman of today is multi facetted and acts in various roles. She is a powerhouse at work, a glamorous socialite, a Jane Austen fan, a provocative teenager, an elegant mother of three, and a Chanel 5 addict. Her repertoire of moods and the characters that she plays in her life range from the innocent to the glamorous, girlie to the ultimate seductress. Though she channels numerous roles and responsibilities, the ultimate vision is always singular, the love of being a goddess, a siren, a diva, a woman, a success.
Source: (wateen.net)
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