Tocky Alarm Clock bounces away

You might remember Clocky, an alarm clock that rolls away and hides the moment it goes off which leaves you to run off and chase it down before you can shut it down. Well apparently this is Clocky’s tech saavy brother. Instead of rolling away, this hops off of your nightstand and rolls away. Just like Clocky you’ll be stuck chasing it down in order to make the alarm stop. This clock even has a built-in microphone so that you can record your own sounds to wake up with. It means college students can still wake up to the sound of their mother’s voice.
  If you really don’t want to feel that close to your mother you can also upload MP3s to it.  Tocky comes in orange, aqua, kiwi and white.  For a little extra cash you can get a skin 2 pack for the clock for $79.

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